Building solutions

You can’t blame the provincial government all the way for not providing funding for infrastructure, including schools.

When a municipality builds without a plan, you can expect these problems to happen. There are areas of the Lower Mainland that can be developed where infrastructure is available.

We have to think regionally now, not individually.

Surrey is putting unnecessary pressure on the provincial  government that will ultimately raise taxes for all of us – even people who do not have kids in school.

Without trying to sound like a broken record, there is an untapped source of tax money: illegal suites. Come on, all three levels of government can rake in tens of millions of dollars from 30,000-plus illegal suites in Surrey. Stop trying to not offend one demographic of residents who are putting an unfair burden on everyone else.

Health services at their max. Schools bursting at the seams. We can’t use the provincial credit card anymore. It’s maxed.

Paul Fitzgerald, Cloverdale

Surrey Now Leader

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