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I feel compelled to reply to the letter last week “Covid19 vaccine are in investigational stage” trying to make people question the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine. My first thought was that ‘everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not to their own facts’. But in this case it is dangerous to spread unsubstantiated lies to a vulnerable population. In response to the plea to watch a YouTube video here are some quotes relating to the veracity of those claims;

‘A conservative doctors’ group pushing misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines faces growing fire from medical experts about its woeful scientific grounding, while its leader, Dr. Simone Gold, was charged early this week for taking part in the 6 January attack on the Capitol in Washington’ from an article written for Reuters. From the same article; ‘This long video contains various claims which are false or misleading’. ‘Gold’s mission has included touting the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, a phoney Covid- 19 cure that Donald Trump endorsed which carries serious health risks, and suggesting that the lockdown’s mental health effects were more harmful than the Covid-19 virus. “She and her organization show a wilful ignorance of science and the scientific method, as well as a disrespect for accomplished scientific institutions and brilliant scientists,” said Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, an epidemiologist and vice president for Global Health at Emory University who used to head the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).’ Koplan offered a blunt verdict on Gold’s work: “The results of this dismissal of science takes a heavy toll on lives and health.”

We live in a society where we rely on one another to do the right thing, so even if you don’t want to have the vaccine you should be able to do something for someone else.

I feel sorry for you if you can’t bring yourself to do something bigger than yourself.

Pat Martin

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