Bow out, Mr. Betenko

Reitsma has had more than enough of our political life.

In Auren Ruvinsky’s article, reporting that Paul Reitsma feels that he is ready to “move on” with his political career (The News, Sept. 23), apparently having reached a level of acceptance for his despicable transgressions which kicked him out of politics previously by a passed recall campaign by the local populace.

Actually, he resigned just beforehand, but that was his reason.

In this forgiving, he has apparently not thought to repay, or even forgive, those honest politicians he was writing poison-pen letters to and about under fictitious names, which I personally know of some which hurt them deeply.

Reitsma has had more than enough of our political life, and his report that he has “talked to” some 300 people makes no difference to me — who hasn’t?

Doug Taylor, Qualicum Beach

Parksville Qualicum Beach News

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