Borderline brouhaha


On Sunday, after 10 days on the road, we were amongst a lot of people who were trying to cross our border.


On Sunday, after 10 days on the road and 5,500 miles of driving from Mexico back to Canada, we were amongst a lot of people who were trying to cross our border.

On the highway, the sign read 50 minutes for the Peace Arch (Douglas) crossing, as well as 50 for the truck (Pacific) crossing. We chose the truck crossing.

There were a lot of vehicles, and the line on the left where cars are waiting was quite long. As we approached, we could see many cars behind us following into the line. We knew it was going to be a long wait, but there was nothing else to do.

And then it started – cars behind started trying to cut in. Some try to be coy and pretend they don’t know the rules, while others go directly to the left and pretend they are going to duty free or into the Nexus lane, and then try to cut in as well, but they don’t fool anyone either.

Then there were the really aggressive ones who just try to ram their way in; they are the ones that make the most trouble.

After an hour of this, you could tell people were getting pretty testy.

We had literally no problem on the road up to this time and were so disappointed that coming back into the country was turning out to be such a bad experience.

The person in front of us let his wife take the wheel while he went to the office to complain.

A while later, an officer came up and approached his car. We could hear the conversation and couldn’t believe it when we heard the officer in a very brisk and condescending way tell the person he had better not get out of his car again or he would be thrown in jail.

Does it seem right that the person who is complaining about a situation which is totally unfair should be admonished, while the people who have no respect or courtesy and think they are above everyone else should be encouraged?

There is something wrong with this picture.

D. Barros, White Rock


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