Bonnie the horse was a great friend

Losing a beloved animal is always a time of grief and heartache

Losing a beloved animal is always a time of grief and heartache, but if you’re very lucky, you find yourself surrounded by people who make that day easier. This happened for me and a very special horse who shared my life for 36 years.

I got Bonnie when she was only eight months old. In her mid-teens, she changed the horse world by recovering from an “incurable” lameness. Because of her, the information on how to reverse such disease spread across the globe, saving the lives of countless horses. She lived to be 36 years old.

My eternal gratitude goes out to the handful of angels who came together so perfectly for Bonnie and me on her last day: Russel, for his care of her, especially on her last day; Paul; Brian; Dr. Anne Marie Guillemaud of Epona Equine, who would have attempted the long drive despite going off the road on black ice; and last but definitely most, Philip Salsman, who went from perfect stranger to angel of mercy. With absolute caring and compassion and professionalism, he performed that last heartwrenching service we owe our beloved animals when their bodies give out. Bonnie was still munching on a banana, her favourite sweet treat, when she was gone in an instant.

Phil and his partner Dallas Noble provide numerous equine services, and they were a true godsend to me that day. Phil hauled my other horse safely home through hours of icy, snowy, nighttime mountainous roads, and I cannot thank them enough.

Thank you, all, and thank you, Bonnie, for the many years of companionship and life lessons, until we meet again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Sabine Naujoks


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