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Re: ‘Nothing worse than a whiny Canadian…’, Sept. 26.


Re: ‘Nothing worse than a whiny Canadian…’, Sept. 26.

The whining Canadian is a recent phenomenon; how it arose from the soil of this noble land is a mystery.

When Kaiser Wilheim got pushy, Canada called up young plowboys who, with basic training, gave him a thrashing which left ears ringing to this day.

Not long afterwards, an evil of biblical proportion possessed the same land and Canada called to send the younger brothers off the farm. They – equally with basic skills – shredded the granite will of the oppressor.

Later, the youngest lad in the family left the pastoral sanctuary to set to rights a northern Asian state consumed by the bullies’ lust.

America is our brother and sister, yet it is a foreign land. If we are worthy, we are welcomed to a generous hospitality.

And if we behave ourselves, a bond like none other on earth is formed.

Terry Miller, Surrey



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