Bike lanes

Resident defends the development of bicycle lanes in Vernon

Responding to G. Campbell’s recent letter regarding bike lanes. I am so tired of this discussion.

Bike lanes are worth their cost quite simply because it gives us somewhere to call our own. We are not allowed on the sidewalks legally.

We are not overly welcomed on the streets by drivers which makes us wonder sometimes where we are supposed to be. Bike lanes. Brilliant.

Not good enough, though, because some people don’t think we use them enough. What is enough? Has G. Campbell ever been to a mall or any other parking lot and noticed that there are no cars parked in the handicapped spots? Would he or she suggest we get rid of those?

Believe me, you paid for those spots too when you purchase items at those stores. What about street lights?

I bet there are long periods in the night where nary a person passes for hours and yet those lights that we taxpayers paid for keep on shining.

I know these examples might seem a bit over the top, but to a cyclist that uses bike lanes in town whenever he has the chance, so does the argument of reducing or removing them.


James Nicholls




Vernon Morning Star