Biblical truths outweigh science

Dear Editor,

A letter to the editor dated Dec. 29 (Science triumphs fiction for global change)  suggests that the Bible containing stories about Noah and floods etc. is fictional rather than the facts of science. That same book contains over 300 prophecies that are detailed and specific about Jesus the Messiah which have been fulfilled. These prophecies were written hundreds of years before they happened.

Mathematicians have calculated the odds of Jesus fulfilling only eight of the 300 Messianic prophecies describing his birth, life, death and resurrection as 1 out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.  I’ll personally accept mathematicians’ calculations more as a fact rather than scientific theories and speculations that are regarded as facts.  The above figure is probably the amount of money the world will spend on global warming, climate change etc with no effect whatsoever.

I’ll take biblical truth over so called scientific facts any day.

The letter to the editor states that we are trying “to force everyone to follow” all this so called book of ancient writings. Nothing could be further from the truth as the same book the writer regards as ancient writings states that our faith is a “gift” from God.  A gift is “offered,” not forced on people, we can say thank you or no thanks and reject it.  The fact is most reject it even when they haven’t read the book.

Charlie Zerkee



Comox Valley Record