Benchlands are a place for seniors

To Councilors and Mayor:

To Councilors and Mayor:

My daughter is typing this letter for me and sending it to all of you as I do not have a computer or email.

My name is Hazel Smith and I am eighty (80) years old. I have lived in Kimberley for fifty six (56) years. When I am not golfing at the Kimberley Golf Course with my friends, we (my friends and I) like to walk the Volksmarch Trail (Benchlands) from the spring time until the late fall. I live in a suburb of Kimberley called Lois Creek so you can understand why my friends and I walk the Volksmarch Trail (Benchlands) in the early spring and late fall (LESS SNOW). The Volksmarch Trail (Benchlands) is an easy place for us to walk. It is safe, flat, open, bright, and has a beautiful view. It would be a shame for this area to be embedded with steel buildings. Can you tell me where my friends and I would be able to walk with all of these qualities??? Remember I am eighty (80) years old and some of my friends are older.

Thank you

Hazel Smith

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