Being against vaccines is dangerous



Re: Vaccines are spreading the flu virus

The writer of the letter and their ‘opinions’ are not only egregiously incorrect and misinformed, but worse, dangerous.

Vaccines are one of the biggest contributors to the increase of the human lifespan in the past 150 years. I am of a generation that is fortunate enough to have never experienced polio (1949-1953), or flu pandemics that killed millions (1918) thanks to vaccines. Even today we are seeing measles outbreaks that primarily arise from unvaccinated populations. If people had been alive to experience these deadly events, they may not be so quick to throw the blame for health issues at vaccines.Yes, a small amount of people may have some adverse reactions to vaccines. And yes, vaccines are not one hundred percent effective. This is not the point.

The point is that they work, period. People that say otherwise lead a dangerous line of thought for everyone, especially for those that may have suppressed immune systems or be too young to vaccinate.

The lack of scientific literacy in society, combined with never having to experience something as terrible and debilitating as a polio outbreak (due to a successful vaccination regime), is creating a dangerous mindset. This choice of actions among the population puts my family and I at risk.

Sincerely, Joseph Chubb

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