Bees important to agriculture

Area resident should talk about cosmetic pesticides ban

To the editor:

I wonder how much support there would be locally for a ban on cosmetic pesticides.

I know that a few provinces and many municipalities have banned the chemicals. A ban is before Kamloops city council right now.

One reason for a ban is the damage these pesticides appear to be doing to the bee population. Bees are responsible for one-third of all food eaten on the planet. Without bees we would all be in a lot of trouble.

In the Ranchettes, we have two local beekeepers, and this year, their bees have fertilized the best apple crop for years.

We live in a rural area where dandelions are a part of the landscape. They provide the first food for the bees in the spring and who hasn’t received a bouquet from a toddler who thinks they are absolutely beautiful.

Perhaps we could have a discussion on the subject to see how the population feels on this subject.




Cecile Pratt

Lower Ranchettes

100 Mile House


100 Mile House Free Press