Beefs & Bouquets, June 14

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A BIG, GRATEFUL BOUQUET to Suzanne and Trina in the photo department at the Nanaimo North Town Centre London Drugs for helping me with a last minute Mother’s Day gift. These ladies spent more than half an hour with me, getting a photo out of my phone and reshaping and stretching it to make a mouse pad for my mother. It was her favourite picture and thanks to their patience, knowledge and hard work, her Mother’s Day was complete.

Huge bouquets of spring flowers to the lady who planted the bright, colourful flowers in the front yard of a tiny house on the north end of Bowen Road. What a show. You may get ticketed because people driving by are craning their necks to see the great display.  That little house has never looked so good.

Bouquets of Chatter to Karyn, Mike and Bob, who take time from their day to stop and yak with me in the kitchen at Paradise Isle Seniors. You make my day. Love Hazel S.

Bouquets of Pussy Willows and thanks to the members of Paradise Isle Seniors who contributed to the wonderful gift certificates for Hazel Smith. She bought lots of stuff for her garden.

a bouquet. Nanaimo One-Hour Optical at Nanaimo North Town Centre offers the best customer service. But it is not just the customer service, it’s the delivery – staff are friendly, helpful and polite.  They have it all figured out.

A huge bouquet to the tow truck driver from Mid Island Towing who saved the day after I had locked my keys, cellphone and wallet in my truck. You saw my desperate attempts to get back in my truck and got me in at no charge. I never got your name, but you are a wonderful addition to your company.

A Shiny Chrome Bouquet to Baker Auto Supply. You folks sold me, at a reasonable price, the same part that a competitor wanted twice as much for. Awesome service.

A Bouquet of Sunshine to Patrick, Peter and Christine of the Good Cooking Guys for providing a great barbecue luncheon for the Harbour City Probus group.

a rainbow-coloured tutu to the Kirkwood Academy. I attended the end-of-year recital at the Port Theatre recently and was impressed with the dancers of all ages. The teachers are to be commended, it was a wonderful show.

a big chainsaw thank you to the city’s parks department for the prompt response to a request to clear a tree blocking the trail at Brookwood Pond.

A BIG, BRIGHT BOUQUET to the wonderful staff at Shar-Kare Feeds and Pet Supplies in Harewood. Cindy, Patti and Jen always make you feel like you’re their only customer. From the big sunny hello to the genuine “have a great day”, their service is always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. These girls rock.

A BIG BOUQUET to KFL on the Island Highway. A coat with glasses and cellphone in the pockets was left there a week ago, with no ID. This week I pick them up.

A HUMONGOUS BOUQUET of fragrant lilacs to my sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Bob Coleman. You are, without doubt, the most thoughtful and generous people on the planet. Loved the bones, Brutus.

THANKS to the girl at the Country Grocer cash register who helped me out when I was short coins for my wieners. She said she was doing a good deed on her birthday.

A bouquet of roses to Nelly and Barry of Barry’s Tailoring at their new location in Petersen Place. My thanks for always making my clothes a perfect fit.

a bouquet to Old City Fish and Chips. They are the best in town. The place is super clean and we will be back. We will also tell all our friends about it.

a bouquet. My experiences with most of Nanaimo’s retail salespeople have been so good, I feel I must thank them. It means a lot to be treated with kindness and respect. I’m happy to live in a community where courtesy and helpfulness have not been lost. A pleasant moment with these people brightens my day.

a Big, Bold Bouquet to the person who found my BlackBerry in Robins Park in Harewood and put it in a place where we could find it the next day.

a bouquet of hugs and kisses to my loving man Rick who has always taken great care of me. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for me.

A huge bouquet about the kindness displayed by my neighbours at Kaden Place. I held a yard sale in the centre court of our complex recently and when it started pouring buckets, many neighbours came out of their dry homes to take armfuls of my stuff and move it all under cover. With their help, we were out of the rain in a couple of trips each. Thank you for your help.

a beef to bouquet writers who seem to think that people want slobbery, wet kisses from their dogs. Gross.

a handful of grumpy pills to some of the employees at a local pharmacy. Forget taking them before you go to work.

A beef to the city for putting up all kinds of traffic lights, but giving no thought to the busiest intersection in Harewood – Bruce Avenue and Fifth Street.

A beef to the beefer who complained about the loud music played at a north end restaurant and the failed bid to have it turned down. I bet the staff were happy to see your group leave. I can imagine the gossip after.

An ignorant beef to the beefer complaining about the deer. Smart homeowners plant flowers that deer don’t eat and have beautiful gardens. There are many plants to choose from. Plant your roses, etc., in a fenced backyard and please stop complaining. The deer’s home/food source is being destroyed by more and more developments.

a beef to the business owner who belittles his helpers in front of customers, then feels he’s right and continues to talk and do nothing.

a beef to drivers and a plea to learn the difference between a stop sign and a two- or three-way stop. Don’t wave at me to turn illegally in front of you, putting me at fault should a collision occur.

A beef to the cable company, or whomever is responsible. When I got my digital box last August, I got a lot of channels I could never get before. I didn’t ask for them, they were just there. In recent months, however, some of those channels have disappeared. If viewers want them, they must now pay for them. What’s going on?

A beef to the people who walk their dogs down to the beach through Beach Estates Park and allow their dogs to bark incessantly. People live along there.

A beef to people who have ocean views, but won’t trim or prune their own trees to allow neighbours to enjoy the same view. Come on people, smile on your brother.

a beef to whoever walks their dog on the little trail between the condos and Longwood shopping centre and throws bagged up dog feces into the bushes or puts them in an old tree trunk. Please dispose of your dog’s feces in a responsible manner.

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