Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 9

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BOUQUET To Brunise and the servers at Ricky’s Restaurant who do such a fantastic job looking after my dad every day – much appreciated.

BEEF To the people who robbed the mailboxes in the Cedar area. All I can say is I hope the police catch you before I do.

BOUQUET To Chris at Beaufort Pharmasave for all her great, friendly, efficient service. Her smile makes you very welcome. The rest of the staff is also great.

BEEF To the post office for no home delivery. Have you seen the community boxes? They freeze in the winter, no snow removal and all the junk mail is dropped on the ground.

BOUQUET To the male with dark hair working at the Starbucks at Target in Nanaimo that made the best gingerbread latte I’ve ever had. He made it quick and it was the best I’ve had from Starbucks in the past 15 years.

BEEF To all the construction companies who are registered builders with no qualifications. Look for Red Seal ticketed tradesmen before you hire.

BOUQUET To the senior citizen for being such an honest person who found one of my personalized blank cheques inside a wallet that I had donated. You not only increased my belief that most people are honest but you actually gave me a Christmas present by doing so.

BEEF To the pushing of the holidays. I saw the first Christmas commercial in mid-October and some TV channels carried Christmas movies at the beginning of November.

BOUQUET To the house on Highland Boulevard in Nanaimo. Your brightly lighted “Mele Kalikimaka” holiday greeting is a wonderful Christmas tradition.

BEEF To those who want legalize marijuana. A harmless drug? Ain’t no such thing.

BOUQUET To the gentleman and his two white dogs who took it upon himself to direct traffic when the lights on the Island Highway and Rutherford Road went out. You helped many frantic shoppers get to their destinations safely.

BEEF To slum landlords. Maybe if you cleaned those pig sties up they’d be livable.

BOUQUET To Dr. Langelier for rearranging his surgery appointments to see our beloved Mac when she became ill. You helped us make the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye after 29 special years.

BEEF To thieves who stole my filled income tax forms from the years 2011-12 from my house.

BOUQUET To Don from Five Star Embroidery and Silk Screening for the great job on our school order.

BEEF To all people who are bullying me all the time and also to those ones who are directing them.

BOUQUET To all those who supported Bayview Elementary School during the Christmas season. Hay ch qa.

BEEF To the people who want to build a cenotaph in Lantzville. To tear down a memorial tree to build this in a park at the bottom of a hill away from the protection of a building or washrooms. How are the vets going to get down there?

BOUQUET To the Good Samaritan who paid for the tow truck to unlock my car late at night. It will be forwarded.

BEEF To the person who beefed about editors wanting everything emailed to them. Being a former editor, I know how much work is involved with the job and attempting to decipher chicken-scratched letters isn’t in the job description.

BOUQUET To Sandra at One-Hour Optical at Woodgrove Centre for helping me see when I couldn’t. Thank you for fixing my temporary contact lens problem.

BEEF To the city for having a bylaw for everyone to shovel their sidewalks in front of properties and not enforcing it. Also for only plowing the emergency and bus routes. Everybody pays property taxes and should have all roads of Nanaimo plowed.

BOUQUET To Rona. To all my friends who make me feel special when I resist.

BEEF To people who complain about Christmas commercialism. The kindness of our giving and receiving of presents provides an income for our families.

BOUQUET To John at Mr. Lube and the dudes. Thank you for fixing my leak and my back-up light.

BEEF To the emergency room at the Nanaimo hospital. I understand that on Christmas Eve you are very busy, but to leave someone in extreme pain for four hours, with no pain meds, and the call button out of reach, was very sad.

BOUQUET To the RCMP officers who helped out with Uplands Park Elementary School Frosty Foot Race in December. Thanks for keeping the students safe.

BEEF To the person who has been pouring whole cartons of milk on my back fence and gate on Stirling Avenue. You are trying to entice my dogs to dig out of the yard, and I am putting up security cameras now.

BOUQUET To Caitlin Hague, store manager at Old Navy. She gave us a huge discount for clothes we purchased for a disadvantaged family.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail

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