Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 22

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BOUQUET To the three lovely ladies at Thrifty Foods Florist at Port Place mall. On Christmas Eve, you went way beyond the call to help me out.

BEEF To RDN recycling curbside collection. Why on earth does the RDN promote separating different recyclables into the blue box and yellow bag? It all goes into one bin on the truck and has done so for at least three years. You are asking us to waste our most precious commodity of all, time, for no reason at all.

BOUQUET To the special lady who works at the Pharmasave on Bowen Road.Thank you for your help and your kindness. You don’t meet such extreme kindness often. I’ll never forget it and will pass your kindness along.

BEEF The conference centre has had seven years to attract hotel development. Hasn’t the mayor noticed there isn’t any? Just developers looking for ever more concessions and giveaways from taxpayers.

BOUQUET To Donna of Shear Heaven hair salon and her husband, Karl, for their humour, kindness and support over the years.

BEEF To the city for going to a new contractor for night security with no experience and that hides out in the parkade all night. The city went for the cheapest bid, and a Canada-wide company, not local.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and Environment department for sponsoring the New Year’s Eve family event at Beban Park.

BEEF To the blue Honda Civic driver who saw me in a crosswalk in front of Shoppers Drug Mart and chose to speed up instead of stopping. If I didn’t stop, you would have run over my toes.

BOUQUET To whoever decorated the Christmas tree on the Parkway – it was such a lovely sight.

BEEF To the grocery store for closing the Terminal Park location. The south gets hit again. Why not close Brooks Landing? It’s terrible to get in and out of.

BOUQUET To Dave and Kim for taking a look at my car. It started. Just wanted to say thank you to you people.

BEEF To the haz-mat team that disassembled the meth lab house. Children watched from the sidewalk as they were in body suits and full respirators.

BOUQUET To Glenda and our secret Santa. Our year and Christmas would have never been the same without your unconditional help. Our kids are so grateful.

BEEF To the person who took advantage of a serious error in judgment on my part and withdrew funds from my account. I am appealing to your sense of decency. I am a pensioner on fixed income and cannot afford this.

BOUQUET To each and every person who treated me so wonderfully at Christmas time. You are very dear to me. From Sandy Brimacombe, the teddy bear cart lady.

BEEF To whoever is responsible for painting lines on a section of Island Highway near Long Lake. The small section of the highway has been repaved, but the lines haven’t been repainted. That is extremely dangerous for drivers, especially after the sun sets or the visibility is low.

BOUQUET To the guys of Operation Red Nose for seeing us both and our car home safe and sound after our work’s Christmas party. A great service.

BOUQUET To Craftsman Collision for recent exceptional service. My car hobbled in last weekend with a hanging front. I was thrilled when the very nice man said he/they could probably ‘bang it back into place’ – and he/they did. When I asked how much I owed and he said “no charge,” I was beyond words.

BOUQUET To Judith at the optical department at Sears. She is very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I have dealt with Judith for years and she has always gone that extra mile, ensuring that my glasses fit perfectly and that I am truly satisfied.

BOUQUET To the nurses, care aides and staff at both Lakeside Gardens in Nanaimo and Sunridge Place in Duncan for taking such excellent and compassionate care of my mom, Judy. My heart is filled with gratitude and happiness that there are people like you in this world.

BOUQUET To Classic Care Services Carpet Cleaning. My furniture was returned clean and it looks like new – and the man was so careful.

BOUQUET To the man at Port Place shopping centre who let me use his cellphone when my vehicle had a dead battery – thank you. Your act of kindness made a not-ideal situation much better.

BOUQUET To my wonderful husband John. You’re the man I’ll love no matter where life’s journey takes us – in sickness and in health. Throughout the recent lifestyle changes you have had to make, your patience, resilience and humour show the true strength of the man I am proud to call husband.

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at Malaspina Gardens for their exceptional care of our mother, Muriel Cowie, over the years, but especially during the last few weeks of her life. Your professional care and sincere warmth and kindness to our mom and our family during a difficult time will not be forgotten.

BOUQUET To all the caring, compassionate people in Nanaimo who rose to the occasion to help make Christmas a special time for those in need. Extra kudos to those of you who assisted with the last-minute plans for the Nanaimo Community Christmas Dinner – your generosity was deeply appreciated.

BOUQUET To the kind and helpful staff at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital transition department. Much better than the emergency, no comparison at all.

BOUQUET To everyone who helped me when I locked my keys in my car at Jack Point Park. The guy with the cellphone, the guy with his dog, Mika, and my friend, Barb, who got me back in my car with my spare key.

BOUQUET To the very kind manager of Tim Hortons on Wallace Street for her caring gesture for me on a very forgetful and upsetting day in my life. Her kindness brought tears to my eyes and made my day perfect.

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