Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 16

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BOUQUET To those amazing, compassionate caregivers and miracle workers at Malaspina Gardens, who unbelievably had my husband up on his feet quickly after at least one stroke and an ugly grand mal seizure and continue to make him smile.

BEEF To the school for its obnoxious winter messages. Thousands have to read these, on public property using a public sign board. People should place their beliefs on their own private property.

BOUQUET To the quirky woman that is like sunshine all the time, even when there is rain falling from her eyes. Hats off to thee who spends the mornings reading the beefs and bouquets. You are fantastic.

BEEF Since when is it OK to harass someone when they are going through a stressful time? You could have helped and been supportive instead of being nasty to someone who puts her animals above herself.

BOUQUET To my neighbour for his dedication in never missing an episode. That way, when he looks back, he’ll be able to say he never missed an episode.

BEEF To my fellow steamers. If there’s anywhere I don’t want to listen to a loudmouth, it’s the aquatic centre steam room. I could probably write a half dozen beefs just based on my negative experiences there.

BOUQUET To Debbie of Mclaren Lighting for her shining kind service.

BEEF To the cop who gave my friend a ticket for “failure to display N” on New Year’s Eve. He was designated driver for 10-plus people.

BOUQUET To Alyssa for your generous spirit. May you and your loved ones enjoy a delightful yuletide.

BEEF To those who bag their doggy doo and then throw the bags into the bushes, up a tree, etc. If you have an aversion to carrying that bag to the nearest disposal bin, then leave it as it is – it’s far less noticeable in its natural state.

BOUQUET To Jean Crowder for the nice little calendar that comes in the mail every year.

BEEF To school staff. When someone goes in your school to register their child into kindergarten you don’t need to be so rude.  Maybe if you have a bad day don’t go to work or put on a smile and deal with it.

BOUQUET We are fussy seniors who like to go to Northridge A&W for hamburgers. No matter what we ask for, Darcy is always calm and polite. We appreciate her kindness and patience, and our order is always correct.

BEEF To the Jan. 2 issue for having only bouquets, no beefs. Hard to believe none were sent in. Was your point to begin the year with bouquets? Well, you started mine with a beef.

BOUQUET The windows of Cobs Bakery in Terminal Park are so beautiful to look at. Thank you to whomever painted it.

BEEF To my shop’s previous landlord whom, despite wishing me success, has done everything he can to sabotage me.

BOUQUET To the woman who found and turned in my grandmother’s wedding ring in December at The Bay.

BEEF To all the people who walk their dogs on the seawall in Nanaimo and don’t pick up after them. The city has containers everywhere down there with free bags for you to use. The seawall is a great place to socialize your dog and the scenery is fantastic; please don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

BOUQUET To Pat, the aide at Medical Daycare at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. You make us laugh, you make us comfortable when we need it most.

BEEF To the person who let their dog relieve itself on the pavement between the Money Mart and Source Adult stores in Rock City Center on Thursday afternoon. Thanks to your laziness, minimum wage employees got to take time out of their work day to clean up feces.

BOUQUET Lots of presents under the tree to children of Georgia Avenue Elementary School. You brighten my day, every day.

BOUQUET To Darlene in the dollar store at Country Club Centre who paid for my purchase because I’d left my wallet in my other purse. She wouldn’t accept my subsequent payment.

BOUQUET To Marilyn and Jack for finding my driver’s licence in Country Grocer and taking the troube to find me and return it.

BOUQUET To Marcia Pike at Around the World Travel for making our first cruise and our 37th anniversary an experience of a lifetime.

BOUQUET To Roberta and everyone who supported our Sing-along Messiah concert. Kudos to all the businesses that displayed our posters.

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at Woodgrove Co-op gas station. It’s been another year of kind, wonderful service.

BOUQUET To all the wonderful people in the emergency room for their care of this senior in November, including the paramedic crew. Their cheerfulness in difficult situations put us at ease, so much appreciated.

BOUQUET To Kara at the News Bulletin office for her unfaltering smile and her helpfulness every time I go into the office.

BOUQUET To AC Taxi driver Dave and the dispatcher working the night of Dec. 11 who went above and beyond to get help for my 92-year-old mother. She pushed the lifeline and the phone was out of order. I was not able to get there and was frantic.

BOUQUET To the friends and staff at Serenity Lodge for a wonderful Christmas party.

BOUQUET To the lady who paid for my lunch at Ricky’s.

BOUQUET To Kris Kringle and Beban Park staff for helping me collect bottles.

BOUQUET To Kara, a nice girl at the reception desk at Nanaimo News Bulletin. Thank you for being so nice.

BOUQUET To all nice people at Nanaimo News Bulletin. Thank you for your nice work.

BOUQUET To Cory Corbett, a nice young technical manager at Mr. Lube. He fixed my shopping cart and it was not his duty.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail

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