Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 14

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BOUQUET To the lady who waves to everyone passing by while walking her small dog on Dolphin Drive in Nanoose. You brighten everyone’s day.

BEEF To the paramedics who used their flashing lights and sirens to make drivers pull over so they could go faster to their home bases.

BOUQUET To Milano’s restaurant for the wonderful Christmas decorations and warm welcome to all through the holidays.

BEEF To Don Cherry with his parroting of Canadian hockey players good, European hockey players bad.

BOUQUET To Wendy who found my address book and contacted me to retrieve it. I had rushed to the emergency room and in my panic dropped it.

BEEF To the grocery store charging $15 per pound for Mexico asparagus and $5 per pound for broccoli while other stores are nowhere near that. I’ll go elsewhere.

BOUQUET To Top Drawer Graphics for graciously donating winter coats to my son and grandsons.

BEEF The deer are in the wild. We build on the wild – we are the problem. So for being caring and compassionate of our fellow creatures we should be fined $10,000? But people who abuse, neglect and even kill their ‘pets’ don’t seem to get punished.

BOUQUET To all the Sendial staff at Thrifty Foods Port Place mall. Thanks to my Wednesday phoner and for my delivery man on Thursday. You make each week special.

BEEF To Mr. Weather. We should’ve had a white Christmas, especially this past year what with a lot of trials and tribulations.

BOUQUET To the citizens of Nanaimo for bravely putting up with the political monkey business by the little rascals, but also a beef for doing nothing about it.

BEEF To the politicians who continue to waste a lot of valuable time on petty, self issues instead of looking at the bigger picture.

BOUQUET To Leah and the friendly staff at Calais Spa and Billiards for generously helping us get new pool equipment for our Chemainus youth centre. You guys are the best.

BEEF To the TV weatherman who said there was enough snow on the ground for the kids to make a “snowperson.” I hope the ladies don’t really mind continuing to call it a snowman. Political correctness sometimes crosses over into being almost ridiculous.

BOUQUET To Darryl at Coastal Mountain Fuels for making a special delivery of furnace oil on Christmas Day. What a super person with excellent customer service who said he “didn’t want us to be cold on Christmas.”

BEEF To having to pass people daily on the street smoking marijuana. I am not against people having the freedom to smoke it – just do it in your own homes. I don’t drink wine on the corner.

BOUQUET To Larry at Hitfair Auto for always taking excellent care of his customers. He fit my Honda in New Year’s Day and no matter how busy he is he will do anything to help. Super guy.

BEEF To all those Cedar residents who use their signal lights less often than their Christmas lights, which is about three weeks of the year.

BOUQUET To Luke at for his prompt response in resolving a heating problem during the holidays. Prompt, courteous and meticulous service at a reasonable price.

BEEF to motorists who don’t yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. Most days it’s no big deal but on rainy and windy days it’s no fun waiting to cross the street.

BOUQUET To the staff at the Nanaimo News Bulletin for their hard work and keeping our city updated on the latest news. You guys rock.

BEEF To the restaurant management and the parents for doing nothing about their loud, screaming kids. Parents should be in control of their children and teach them manners while out in public, especially a restaurant where others are trying to enjoy their meal.

BOUQUET To Nesvogs and Cobs for donating food to a hungry person in our community. I am so happy to live in a community that businesses care about the less fortunate.

BOUQUET To Port Place mall for the variety of shopping, customer service and overall friendly downtown environment.

BOUQUET To all the cheering school children and all the other fans who contribute their voices, energy and excitement to Nanaimo Clippers game nights.

BOUQUET My belated thanks to the person who left a note on the windshield of my Honda Element at Beban Park indicating that I had a flat tire. I was headed out to the Nanaimo Parkway which could have proven dangerous.

BOUQUET To my neighbour Jim Avender, of Abba Floorcoverings, for taking the time to find and fix a problem with my carpet on his lunch break. Jim, you are a flooring genius.

BOUQUET To Pho Tintin owner for taking the time to look up and print out bus route information for an out-of-town commuter.

BOUQUET To artists, musicians, writers and poets aspiring to create something good and true and lasting. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place.

BOUQUET To health-conscious Washington state government. You allow me to indulge in my raw cow and goat milk fixes when I visit, thus giving me my civil choice to avoid nutrient-killing pasteurized milk with added artificially manufactured supplements.

BOUQUET To two young men who swiftly came to my rescue with a jump start to my flat battery at Superstore parking lot. May good fortune smile on you both. Many thanks from the little old lady in the little red car.

BOUQUET To the person who found my Jones New York bracelet and turned it in to the lost and found at The Bay. Honest and caring people like you are true gems.

BOUQUET To the cashiers at Thrifty Foods Port Place for being so polite.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo firefighters for installing the Christmas tree on top of Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s a beautiful tradition for the city.

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