Beef to my neighbour who likes to decorate his yard with garbage. In his front yard he has a toilet bowl.

Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 13

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BOUQUET To the two ladies who appeared out of nowhere and helped me to pick up my boyfriend who had tipped over his wheelchair. He was only a few days out of the spinal cord rehab and I was extremely distraught when he fell onto his recently broken neck. The ladies very calmly assisted us to get him back upright and then carried along on their way. You were angels in the right place at the right time and I thank you.

BEEF To the federal health minister for inflating the success of the COVID response. It’s a failure to protect the public from beginning to end.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo council for new cat and dog bylaws. Dissenters should watch YouTube and see what danger these pets can get into when left out, causing unnecessary suffering, and loss. Gabriola, take note.

BEEF To the resident on Promenade Drive screaming obscenities to the parcel delivery worker expecting them to walk from the road with more than 15 parcels for the apartment.

BOUQUET To the fellow diner at Kelly’s Café who paid for our meal. We were three generations of ladies having a Christmas lunch and it was such a nice surprise. Our waitress said you are a regular and we were all so astonished and pleased that you would do such a nice thing for total strangers with a wish of Merry Christmas. We wish you the same and will pay it forward. Many thanks.

BEEF To B.C. Ferries for putting extra sailings on for the Christmas holidays. Only people who live on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands should be allowed on the ferries during COVID-19.

BOUQUET To the letter carrier who delivered my mail to the door the day after I fell twice while walking to the mail box. And for the advice to stay home because it was still icy out there.

BEEF What is rarer than hen’s teeth is a doctor taking the time to apologize to his/her patient for being late for either an in-person or telephone medical consultation.

BOUQUET I was very surprised and happy to see on the cover of your paper Dec. 23 a very large picture of the nativity scene. How beautiful to see. Such a rarity, I have found, this Christmas season. A reminder to me and others what this season is all about. Bless you all there at the Bulletin for doing this.

BEEF To the woman at the second-hand store. After buying a new generator, I spoke to the woman about her price on an old, beat-up, 3,100-watt generator for $500. I paid $450, tax and warranty included, for a new 3,550-watt generator. After showing her the flyer, no price change.

BOUQUET To all our faithful knitters and crocheters from the Nanaimo chapter of Blankets for Canada. Despite this year’s challenges, we delivered 270 handmade blankets to people in Nanaimo in need of warmth. Keep those nimble fingers working.

BEEF Why are we told by the B.C. government and local governments to stay at home. Yet B.C. Ferries added more sailings during the Christmas holidays?

BOUQUET Thank you and much appreciation to the News Bulletin for keeping citizens apprised of the goals and activities of Nanaimo city council. Your articles are detailed and most informative. This is real news and critical for an informed public.

BEEF There’s so many things wrong. But hey, you made some brilliant investing decisions and now have some world-class multimillion-dollar artwork in the form of painted bicycle lanes on asphalt. Wow, that’s really gonna draw the type of corporate opportunities, jobs, tourism, investors you need around here. You need to attract the taxpayer, and newsflash, bike lanes don’t.

BOUQUET To everyone who has been buying local. Your support enables us to continue to provide personalized service and stock and to employ our fabulous team. Your encouraging words give us joy and energy. Let’s continue to be kind and understanding to each other.

BEEF To both sides of the masking issue. Where is your common sense? Masks are necessary in public indoor places for the time being, so follow the rules. However, when you’re alone outdoors, by God breathe some fresh air instead of your own CO2. I wear a mask to protect me, not you.

BOUQUET To Top Quality Cleaners. They went above and beyond assuring us that our vintage clothing would be cleaned to the best of their ability. They took the time to call, to explain and even to ask permission if they may clean a particular item by hand so as to preserve its quality. I was treated with kindness and respect in all my contacts with them.

BEEF To the sports team. What a self-serving group. Their sport is on hold. How tragic. So is dying from COVID.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for the cleanup and upgrade to the Diver Lake trails. It’s a pleasure to walk there again.

BEEF To my neighbour who likes to decorate his yard with garbage. In his front yard he has a toilet bowl.

BOUQUET To the good folks at Yellow Point Cranberries for their friendly and exceptional customer service. We’ll be back.

BEEF To the councillors gushing over the marketing consultant’s sales pitch on homelessness. So naive. Build bigger jails.

BOUQUET To Roberto at the Pond for his attentive and relaxing demeanour. The world could use more of you.

BEEF Shame to the department store for allowing customers to get so close to each other at the checkouts. You are breaking the rules. You are putting customers and employees at risk. I guess money is more important to you than health and safety.

BOUQUET To Duane at DenMar Electric for coming by our old, but new-to-us home to set up a crew of electricians. And to say thank you for sending such great guys. They were all incredibly kind, helpful, informative and exceptionally polite. They even managed to finish earlier than anticipated. Very happy to recommend DenMar.

BEEF To the beefer who accused a driver of illegally proceeding on a red. You said the driver was in the middle of the intersection and proceeded after the light turned red. That was quite correct and legal. Once you are beyond the stop line it is legal to complete your turn even after the red comes on. When the light is green it is correct, legal and safer to enter the intersection and wait there.

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