Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 24

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A bouquet to all the health-care workers who my husband and I have met over the last few years since my husband starting experiencing health problems. We have never come across one who wasn’t pleasant, helpful and caring, from doctors to nurses to receptionists. They often work under stressful conditions, yet they stay cheerful and treat everyone like they are the most important person in their care. Thanks to all of you. A Huge Bouquet of Red Roses to Dover Bay Secondary School for winning the eco-friendly award. I have two teens attending and they are thrilled that their school is getting new computers.Pots Of Poinsettias to all the people along my paper route who gave me tips and lots of chocolates. I understand if you could not afford to give this last Christmas. I just like delivering papers. Eric.My heartfelt thanks to whoever turned in the purse I dropped in the Real Canadian Superstore parking lot one evening.Your honesty is appreciated.a Bouquet to the manager of the Landlubber Pub for asking us to join in the customer appreciation dinner recently. It was delicious. We are not regular customers but will certainly visit more often.Congratulations to the Nanaimo Theatre Group for their fantastic presentation of Barefoot in the Park. An excellent production as always and so much laughter.  Thank you for a wonderful evening.A fuzzy, cuddly bouquet to the man at the Real Canadian Superstore who was about to buy the last stuffed animal giraffe, but after hearing how much my two-and-a-half-year-old loves giraffes, gave it to us. Thank you for paying it forward.a belated thank you to the staff at the Regional District of Nanaimo’s landfill. The two female employees who showed us the ropes of sorting and unloading could not have been nicer. Friendliness and smiles go a long way.Grateful Flowers in Bunches to Mike, Jeremy and the detail person at Nanaimo Toyota who turned my little Corolla into a shiny star on the road. Thank you for listening and caring.A Heartfelt Basket of Blessing and Kindness to Lindsey at the the Aulds Road Serious Coffee for your compassion and caring for our father in his time of family concerns. Reaching out to a stranger like you did tells us how wonderful you are.A bouquet of God’s blessings to everyone who helped make our community lunch fundraiser at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church such a success.a bouquet. The neighbours on Ellis Place are a kind, considerate community. Thanks to everyone who helped me. A special thanks to Griffin who cleared away all the snow.Thanks from the Canadian Blood Services to the B.C. Safety Authority for supplying food to the clinic at Beban Park.Big thanks to our friends who looked after our place while we were away. We really appreciate it.A bouquet of daffodils to the kind person who ran after me and my two-year-old niece on a B.C. Ferries vessel recently. My niece had dropped her blanket, which is her most prized possession, and I hadn’t noticed. A bouquet to the Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, the Grey Cup is fantastic, but it doesn’t cause half the hysteria that the Super Bowl does. For days beforehand, every home information-type show, including the Canadian ones, carried Super Bowl recipes and party ideas. and a beef to the poor planning that left 400 ticket holders without a seat. Even triple their money back won’t make up for missing the game.a beef. I am against creating more off-leash areas in popular parks. I quite often go to Pipers Lagoon and see dogs off-leash on the beach each and every time during the summer months. One has to tread carefully to avoid their mess. Sad to say some owners do not care. All that this proposal will do is to reduce the number of people enjoying parks.A big beef to the people who have a six-month-old kitten. By the looks of it she will soon have kittens. Be a good owner and have the young kitten fixed. We have enough cats in this world without adding more.A beef to the person beefing about trailers being attached to vehicles when not in use. Are you kidding me? Watch where you walk!  You should be ashamed of yourself for being so lazy that you can’t find different vehicles to walk in between or lift your leg high enough.A beef to the beefer beefing about websites that don’t have an “about” section.  Do you just randomly pick websites to look at? Normally, people have an idea of what they are looking for and Google that topic. Then, what do you know, the list pops up.a Huge beef to the person who stuck an envelope on the windshield of my disabled friend’s van regarding the way she had parked. She has to park that way to get her special electric lift out of the side doors. Thankfully her husband was able to remove it so she could drive, as she uses hand controls.A big McBeef to someone at a restaurant recently who wouldn’t stop harassing me for my newspaper.A beef to my former landlord. After a year of living in the house you rented to me, mould started to grow in random places. You said it was the way my family was living, but this isn’t a problem in our new house. A disappointed beef to some store owners for their lack of manners. Two regular and thoughtful customers came into your store Christmas Eve with all the fixings for your supper. We thought we did a good thing by making that busy day a little less stressful for you. But we received no phone call to acknowledge the gifts from our kitchen.An unfair beef to all the police officers who speed past me every day. Unless you have your lights on, you need to be a law-abiding citizen and follow the rules like the rest of us. Shame on you.A big stinking pile of rotting beef to a company for giving me a price for a job on the phone, making me wait a week until I called to see why they didn’t show up when they said they would, and then telling me they would only do the job for more than double the original price. An unprofessional way of doing business.A big pile of fresh manure to Nanaimo city council for making “in camera” decisions. Taxpayers have a right to know how their money is spent.A stinky pile of dog poop to the woman who leaves her large dog in her car all day, every day while she works.A beef. I don’t know the current exchange rate between the loonie and the American dollar, but someone’s made a lot of money off it. There are two commercials on TV at the moment for the same fast food chain – one Canadian, one American. The American ad offers a variety of items that sell for 99 cents each. The Canadian version is offering the exact same items for $1.89 each. Math was never my best subject, I’ll admit, but that doesn’t seem right to me.

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