Beef to the bakery. After buying a dozen cookies and two pieces of cake I paid for with my debit card, I asked for a bag to carry it as I was walking with two young kids and had to hold their hands. I was told five cents. I didn’t have change so I gave back my debit card. She said “I can’t use that for a small order.” I said I don’t have any change. Then she just walked away.

Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 17

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BOUQUET To Kevin N. at A-One computer, for his timely service, patience and kindness to this elderly computer non-geek.

BEEF To the irresponsible pet owners who leave their animals’ poop along the Parkway Trail. There were nine piles there yesterday when I walked through a very short distance. So inconsiderate when the pet waste bags and a garbage bin are supplied just a few metres away.

BOUQUET To my Human B. I am thankful for you every day. I’m proud to call you mine. This is a guy who shows kindness to complete strangers and would give you the shirt off his back. 2021 is our year love.

BEEF To the city. So many potholes at Neck Point Park and Pipers Lagoon. Jack Point parking lot is consistently full of garbage and garbage can is overflowing.

BOUQUET To the incredibly giving, kind and very generous residents of Deerwood Place Estates for donating more than 25 huge garbage bags full of items to the people affected by the recent apartment fire in Port Hardy. You all are wonderful.

BEEF To the city works department, has nobody noticed a giant manhole sink at the intersection of Comox and Terminal? If not, may I suggest you’re working in the wrong department.

BOUQUET It was so refreshing to read a whole bunch of bouquets on Jan. 6. The first bouquet for the year clearly states that the News Bulletin was keeping with its tradition and only publishing bouquets. To the beefers, if you have read the papers, there will be nothing to beef about.

BEEF To those complaining vociferously about wood-burning stoves. Your gas-guzzling SUVs and cars put more pollution into the air annually than wood burning does. At least our fuel is renewable and serves a purpose whereas your pollutants just serve to get you to big box stores and is not renewable. When you use bicycles and walk everywhere, then you can lecture us.

BOUQUET To Russ B. on his retirement. Thank you for your dedication to your profession. You were a pharmacist by name, but you were a caring, helpful, and downright gentleman who cared about his clients. We all felt safe in your gentle hands. Great retirement from your friends on Athena.

BEEF To the police officers for arresting criminals, arresting a criminal moves them up in the line for the COVID-19 vaccine.

BOUQUET To the amazing staff at Coal Tyee Elementary. Thank you for the compassion, patience, attention and love you show my children. Words cannot express my gratitude.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about the emergency department at NRGH. There is no first-come, first-served basis at any hospital. There are no number systems either. It’s called the triage system. If you are waiting, that means you are not critically ill and will be just fine. This also means someone else is in more critical need of help than you are. Also, bouquet to our emergency staff who have to put up with impatient people while following all COVID protocols day in and day out. You guys are heroes.

BOUQUET To all the drivers of emergency vehicles and big trucks who wave, honk their horn, or turn on their lights for my three-year-old son. Our favourite winter COVID-safe activity is going out to find garbage trucks, police cars, and ambulances and when you go out of your way to entertain him he talks about you for the rest of the day.

BEEF To the society for not providing a safe living environment for my family, and allowing drug users to live in the same complex as families.

BOUQUET To Red Cat Studio for always doing amazing work and having a great connection with all your customers. It’s a pleasure to get art done by you two.

BEEF To drivers who do not check for pedestrians crossing. Especially on Uplands before the school zone. It usually takes four cars for someone to stop before my newborn and I can cross to pick up my child from school. I was even honked at while driving because I waited for a pedestrian to cross at the Rutherford-Uplands intersection. Slow down before you run someone over because you can’t wait for them to cross.

BOUQUET To Sharon and Steve at Home Hardware for solving the conundrum of transporting the underbed storage boxes on my shopping trolley to enable me to get home.

BEEF To the two women at the bottle depot who laughed at my mother’s discomfort because of the cold. She has a disability that is exacerbated by the cold; she had to leave, as the wait was too long and uncomfortable for her. Shame on you both.

BOUQUET To the kind nurses at the perinatal unit at NRGH. I want to thank you for taking such good care of my baby and I. Not only was my nurse amazing, comforting and caring during the birth, the staff that took care of us during the following days made my experience wonderful. Cheers to you and all front-line workers.

BEEF To city council for restricting cats and spending taxpayer dollars to study this issue that is not an issue. Maybe we could worry more about cleaning up needles and syringes so innocent children and pets don’t get injured in our parks and on our beaches.

BOUQUET Wow! The kind of service of bygone decades. Thanks Tim at United Flooring for taking such good care of our flooring repair. You went above and beyond expectations. And Tim the installer, you are monster excellent. United has two spiffy Tims. Thank you both.

BEEF To all the transit bus and taxi drivers and their customers who don’t wear face masks as required by provincial law.

BOUQUET To the city for hopefully dealing with the cat issue. Feral cats are easily trapped and dealt with.

BEEF Don’t beef the school zone speeders. The school zone signs are almost invisible. Beef cities for not putting speed bumps adjacent to the signs. If you can’t see the sign, you’d definitely feel the bump. Slow down.

BOUQUET To Barb who works in the self checkout at Walmart. She is always pleasant and very helpful if there is an issue with checking your purchase out. In a big box store as busy as Walmart is is refreshing to find an employee so accommodating and attentive to the customer especially during these difficult times.

BOUQUET To Jim and Jarrod from the B.C. Ambulance Service. Your stretcher-side care and concern is amazing. This is a stressful time and you both have such caring, patient, kind-hearted attitudes that are to be commended.

BEEF To public health officials and government. If we are required to wear masks, how about subsidizing the cost so the general public doesn’t have to pay. They should be handed out for free. It’s only fair that the government bear the cost of their edicts, and not us. Many of us can’t afford the extra expense, especially with the job losses due to the lockdowns.

BOUQUET Thank you to all the Nanaimo businesses that still print a physical flyer that is inserted in the News Bulletin. These flyers are so much easier to peruse than the digital flyers that cram so much on a page that the items are so small and difficult to see.

BEEF What is the problem with our dump? Why has the odour that has overwhelmed the area for months not been addressed? There must be something that can be done about this; this was not a problem up until this past year. Good to see that the garbage that has littered the road in front has finally been cleaned up; thanks.

BOUQUET I am one of the lucky winners of the weekly giveaways by Country Grocer.Thank you Country Grocer and a big thank you to the News Bulletin for publishing it. Very much appreciated. It pays to read the newspaper.

BEEF To the regional district. The trail project in front of the sewage treatment plant was an unnecessary waste of taxpayer money. Gulfview Drive homeowners can now hear and see the plant 24/7 when there was a perfectly good sidewalk there in the first place.

BOUQUET To chimney sweep Frank at Jim Chiminy. Very professional, excellent, honest, efficient, pleasant. He will not sweep if not needed. A real pleasure to deal with. Service with a smile, even with a mask.

BEEF To cats. You sleep all day, plant turds in my garden, scratch my furniture, meow incessantly. There ought to be a law against you. Also that headless mouse was lovely to step on at 2 a.m.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods for making the COVID pay permanent for their employees. Profits are up, so why not share some with their hard-working staff? It is so refreshing to see a company do the right thing. A beef to the chains using the ‘pandemic boom’ to pad management and shareholders profits on the backs of their hard-working, stressed and abused (by shoppers) employees.

BEEF To the truck driver who brings his semi truck home on the weekends and spends hours washing it. Have some respect for your neighbours in our quiet residential area.

BOUQUET To Dr. Goldman and the entire staff at Woodgrove Animal Hospital. You are all so incredible, kind and loving. You gave my amazing dog Windsor a healthier and happier life. When it was his time to cross the rainbow bridge you all treated him with so much love and grace. Thank you for all that you did for him and for all that you continue to do for your other patients.

BEEF To all those who speed during school hours in school zones. Slow down, please. When a child gets hurt it is too late. The amount of times I get tailgated by someone impatient. You are supposed to feel like you’re crawling along slowly – that’s the point. How much would it cost to install speed cameras active during school hours?

BOUQUET I was at a checkout at a thrift shop when a very nice young gentleman name Seth offered to pay for the small balance of my purchases. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I promise to pay it forward.

BEEF To Canada for stripping all Canadians of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. What happened to the Canada I loved for its freedom, justice and rights for all?

BOUQUET To those who stand in solidarity with small family-owned farm owners in India. As elsewhere, the smaller quantities of produce are free of additives, preservatives and other contaminants, and free of waste.

BEEF To the bike lane complainers, you want safe roads, why can’t cyclists have safe bike lanes? There is a bonus for the sedentary car-loving complainers, which is, generally people who cycle are in good physical shape, and most likely won’t be competition when you are on the waiting list for operations that are lifestyle disease-related. As far as bike lanes being a waste of taxpayer money, cyclists pay taxes too.

BOUQUET To everyone, city and volunteers, responsible for keeping the Colliery Dam Park in such beautiful condition, the trails are therapeutic for many people and a daily treasure for us.

BEEF To the bakery. After buying a dozen cookies and two pieces of cake I paid for with my debit card, I asked for a bag to carry it as I was walking with two young kids and had to hold their hands. I was told five cents. I didn’t have change so I gave back my debit card. She said “I can’t use that for a small order.” I said I don’t have any change. Then she just walked away. Definitely not going back there. Had to walk home with cake in my pockets.

BOUQUET To Mike and Amadeus at Kiwanis Village. We recognize all the extra work you have since COVID. Thanks for everything you do for us in the manor.

BEEF To the anti-cyclist truck driver on Nanaimo River Road who drove his fully loaded logging truck over the centre line and to within inches of me for a thrill. You could seriously injure someone.

BOUQUET To Aiden of Aqua Pacific for calling and personally dropping off a misdirected Purolator package to our office that they had received. It was very much appreciated.

BEEF To those who feel the stop sign at Colbourne and Fairbrook is an acceleration symbol. Slow down and stop. You’re going to hit someone. To the drivers of the black Dodge and Ford pickups, be responsible. You don’t want your plates reported, do you?

BOUQUET Amazing service from Will and Dalton from Nustar. As usual very competent and thorough. They take their time to do the job right. Our furnace and heat pump appreciate their care.

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