Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 8

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BOUQUET To Kirsten from First Choice on Metral Drive for the awesome service. I received a nice scalp massage during my hair washing and she did a great job cutting/styling my hair up for me.

BEEF To the dishonest person who found my small wallet with my gift cards in it and didn’t turn it in. They were my birthday present. Please return them.

BOUQUET To my wonderful husband, Chris Anderson, and our three beautiful daughters. They have taught me so much about life and its meaning and I can’t thank them enough for giving me everything I ever wanted in life.

BEEF To the store’s paging system. Way too loud. It is annoying because you cannot hear what employee is saying when talking to you and it hurts the ears.

BOUQUET To Joy and bakery staff for creating the beautiful and delicious vanilla slice platter for my sister’s 65th birthday. It was very special and we loved the extra touch of the Happy Birthday message on the top.

BEEF To the mall for taking away the popular Christmas dinner for staff and replacing it with a early morning pancake breakfast. The dinner was a great way to relax with other staff at the end of a long day.

BOUQUET To the kind young man who saw my distress and added my fine to the one he was paying to Robbins Parking. His generosity and compassion lifted my spirits considerably.

BEEF To the store clerk who wished me a “Happy Remembrance Day.” Remembrance Day is when we remember those who have sacrificed and served our country. It is not another commercial holiday.

BOUQUET Another great concert from the Nanaimo Concert Band, with music ranging from Sousa to Mozart to Weber. People of Nanaimo who miss these performances do not know what they are missing.

BEEF To some thrift shop volunteers. If you cannot be respectful in a gracious manner to the donors despite you closing early, you should not be there volunteering.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Foundation for its random act of kindness by bringing in Nanaimo bars for Lakeside Gardens residents. We had chocolate smiles a plenty.

BEEF To the neighbourhood whose ‘book nook’ is an eyesore and not functional.  The doors are missing and the roof leaks.  Not exactly inviting.

BOUQUET To Harris Mazda. As a senior lady with a very old car I was treated with extreme courtesy by all the staff. The work was done promptly and I was kept in touch by phone with costs.

BEEF To Christy Clark for accepting an award at Buckingham Palace for conservation of the Great Bear Rainforest as a sunken tug despoils the water and beaches of that very area and more so because of inadequate response to the disaster.

BOUQUET To Shoppers Drug Mart University Village. Thanks to staff for acknowledging me with a friendly hello. Special thanks to Fhafaq, a pharmacist with real compassion.

BEEF To the anti-vegetarian from last week. It’s anti-Canadian to not accept diversity and other’s personal life decisions. People have broadened their minds to treat all life with the respect they deserve. Maybe you should too.

BOUQUET To the police officer who was very kind to myself and my dog at Brooks Landing when things could have been a lot worse.

BEEF To the beefer about vegetarians. Meat-eater equals poor health due to overindulging of red-meat products, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, blocked arteries – the list goes on. Maybe the Alberta farmer should switch to vegetables?

BOUQUET To the ladies from Haida Gwaii who generously treated us to a lovely dinner at the Cactus Club on our 59th wedding anniversary. We thank you for the wonderful surprise.

BEEF To the person who said it’s anti-Canadian for vegetarians to reject Alberta farmers. Obviously this person doesn’t understand vegetarianism. We reject all farmers, not just Alberta farmers. We don’t care what you eat, so please do the same for vegetarians.

BOUQUET To Bill Woldnik, at Almac Technical Service, who volunteered a great amount of his time and energy to help the kitchen at John Barsby Secondary School make healthier choices available to students.

BEEF To the beefer about vegetarian Millennials. Did you know that there are a plethora of high-protein beans and grains grown all across this great nation? You should go vegetarian one night per week to show your support for these farmers.

BOUQUET To Dr. Sommerville and Corrine.  Thank you for everything you did for me and my daughter. We are forever grateful.

BEEF I’m tired of people abusing the system and using history as a means to make money. Just because you grew up in a broken home doesn’t give you more right than any other person to financial aid.

BOUQUET To Shaunessy N. for always being so polite and happy. Also super fun to work with. Good luck with everything.

BEEF To the unions for protecting rotten workers. It is not safe.

BOUQUET To all the people at Woodgrove for helping my wife and I with a medical emergency after my wife became ill. Awesome people.

BEEF To the man in the black vehicle as my husband and I quickly walked in front while he moved very slowly on the way from Chapters to the grocery store. He yelled we needed to go up the road to the crosswalk. Then a cab driver did the same. They were not even inconvenienced – he was actually stopped when we crossed.

BOUQUET To Kool and Child for its donation of fun pencils for our Not Back to School Picnic.

BEEF To gasoline prices in Nanaimo. Higher than Vancouver, Ladysmith and Courtenay.   Time to fill up elsewhere whenever travelling up and down the island.

BOUQUET To the Salvation Army and all the kettle volunteers who do so much good work during the Christmas season.

BEEF To people who throw things rather than trouble themselves to pass the items civilly. Some of us can’t catch.

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