Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 15

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a beautiful bouquet of dreams for every star in the sky. A definite explanation if you’ll please come back.

Two beautiful autumn bouquets to the gentleman who picked me up when I fell on the bus to Woodgrove Centre and to the young woman who helped me into the mall and stayed with me until my next bus arrived.

A bouquet to the friendly and efficient young man serving at the recycle depot on Mostar Road.

thanks to Cindy and Lanny for being the best grandparents ever. Your support for the grandkids and the mama is so appreciated.

A bouquet of roses to the thoughtful lady who picks up the litter along the fence at Woodlands Secondary School and in the tunnel that leads to Brooks Landing. There are many of us who appreciate your work to try to keep the area clean.

A huge bouquet to Dee at Home Outfitters. She is the most helpful saleswoman in the whole of Nanaimo. I hope they appreciate her.

Thank you to Bastion Trophies for replacing the ribbon on our grandfather’s service medal. Our appreciation, as always, for a job well done.

Many, many thanks to the ladies who escorted me home after my car had been rear-ended on Third Street. I’m sorry I did not get your names. Also thanks to Derek. There are caring people out there.

Carnations and roses for Cathy. We all miss you, girl, at the front desk. Sure you are on to better things. Stay well and happy.

Sincere appreciation to Wayne, our mailman, and his supervisor for making a disabled senior’s life easier by providing exceptional delivery service.

A huge bouquet to the wonderful ladies of the Altrusa Club who donated enough homemade muffins for every student at Georgia Avenue Elementary School. These ladies do this every year and the students really look forward to them.

A bouquet to Kal Tire on Old Victoria Road for fixing my flat tire and for the incredible customer service.

Heartfelt thanks to all those who came to my husband’s aid when he collapsed on Dover Road: the bus driver who stopped, the lady who phoned me, Terry and Todd, and the kind young man who gave up a shirt to put under my husband’s head. He now has a pacemaker.

A bouquet to the nurses at the lab in Beaufort Centre who realized I don’t like having blood drawn and made the process a lot easier for me.

Bouquets of poinsettias to Santa Claus (Paul) who so kindly gave us our first Christmas gift – paying for our lunch at Nori Restaurant. We are truly blessed.

A fly-by of appreciation to Barbara and Jim Easton for their support and dedication to 808 Thunderbird Wing RCAFA.

A bouquet of red roses and my grateful thanks to the lady who came to my assistance when I had a fall at Country Grocer. Also a thanks to the Country Grocer employee who was there to help.

A huge bouquet to a Save-On-Foods employee at Country Club Centre. After putting my groceries in the car, he gave me back a quarter and took my empty cart all the way back to the store.

A big bouquet to the staff at Persona Hair Group and Balloons and Bears Florist for providing a drop off location for Christmas gifts for the Kiwanis Sunrisers Christmas party for special needs children. When we were in need, you were friends indeed.

a glorious bouquet of irises to Robyn and Tim and the staff of Big O Tires for the affordable winter tires they recommended to help keep a mom and two teenagers safe on the roads. Thank you for the speedy installation so we could leave on time.

a lovely bunch of violets to Jasmine J. at London Drugs. I came in to use a coupon for a free promotional item and I never considered having to pay for tax, so I didn’t have a cent on me. Jasmine told me that she would put the $1.20 owing into the till from her own wallet because she didn’t need to take the bus that night, as she was getting a ride.

A luscious spray of purple irises to Dr. Neil Rogers and Dr. Cobus Smith for the efficient diagnosis and quick surgery to resolve my 17-year-old son’s knee injury. We were so impressed with the speedy, concerned care you provided.

An appreciative bouquet to Dr. Kazanowski, family physician extraordinaire. When our beloved Dr. Weight retired you assumed the care of my daughter and myself and you have continued to give excellent care. Thank you for your eternal kindness, empathy and vigilance with regard to our health. Dr. Kaz … you rock the free world.

Endless bouquets to the amazing parents at Seaview Elementary School. This core of dedicated people volunteer countless hours in fundraising activities that build school spirit as well as pad the coffers to allow enriching activities for all children.

Thanks to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for allowing us our opinions and comments. I look forward to the Beefs & Bouquets every week.

a Beef to a City of Nanaimo road crew for not noticing a tree blocking the view of the road near the corner of Hammond Bay Road and the Island Highway.

A huge beef to a business owner who retired recently. At your closing out sale, I wanted to buy four items from the owner, which were all put together in a corner of the store. As one of these items was large and I needed help to load it, I arranged with the owner to return within two hours with help. When I returned, the item had been sold for $15 more than what I arranged to buy it for.

A beef to Asian restaurants serving lukewarm food at opening, then bringing out the more palatable stuff once the lukewarm stuff is gone. Never again will I get conned.

A huge beef to the person who talked loudly during the playing of Amazing Grace by the pipers. How disrespectful to our fallen vets. Shame, shame on you. Those around you were appalled by your rude behaviour.

A big beef to dog owners who bring their pets to crowded venues such as the recent Remembrance Day service. This is no place for dogs.

a beef. I thought smoking was banned at the bingo hall, but every time I go, someone has preceded me into the women’s washroom to smoke. I have reported this to staff and management four times, but it is still happening.

A disappointed beef to the July newlyweds who planned everything for the wedding to a T, but forgot to send out thank you cards afterward. We are all still waiting.

SHAME ON the person who advertised a child’s rocking horse as “with saddle”. Yes, you did take the saddle off. The clean markings and ridges are obvious on the back of the horse. You lied and took my gas money for delivery.

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