Beefs & Bouquets, April 28

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BOUQUET To those teachers who soldier on in the face of negative publicity, who live for and are dedicated to excellence in education for their students. For those teachers who do planning, assessment and reports at night sacrificing time with your families. We appreciate you.

BEEF To the surgical nurse dressed unprofessionally in shorts. Must you continuously and ineffectually fluster about. Very unsettling for us patients.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo culture and heritage awards ceremony. Nanaimo youth entertainers included the Wellington Jazz Band, Vibrant Dance Studio, M.E.M. Dance Company, Brigadoon Dance Academy and Ian Perry – simply amazing.

BEEF To the parent of the girl with cerebral palsy. Although I have a couple of severe disabilities, I’m quite capable of opening my own doors, but I’m still grateful if a kind person opens one for me.

BOUQUET To Meryck Jackson on your third birthday. Love you and miss you very much. Love Dad and Shona.

BEEF To whoever found and kept my 2010 Olympics small shopping bag after I lost it. Please do the right thing and turn it in to the store because it has much sentimental value for me.

BOUQUET To Russell and Shawn of Your Maintenance Man for promptly repairing my siding and flashing. They are very easy to talk to, work hard and are on time every day.

BEEF To all the new technology. Feeling left out, even lonely, as lots of us don’t even have a computer. New generation too busy to realize we’re even still alive.

BOUQUET To all the great kids in our community who raise money and/or ask for donations for the SPCA rather than birthday presents for themselves. You are our future and for that we are very grateful.

BEEF To the postal clerk. You need to practise customer service. Not pleasant to deal with.

BOUQUET To all the volunteers who help make our community a better place to live in. Your time and effort is appreciated.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about a man who held the door for the handicapped daughter. You should be grateful to live in a city where people are caring enough to do so.

BOUQUET To John Karpuchin at Star Line Motors for all his help with my new car.

BEEF To the centre. Ghost town centre is more like it.

BOUQUET To Gina’s Lawn and Garden Maintenance which does an excellent job of cutting, trimming, cleaning up and hauling away for a reasonable rate.

BEEF To city council about the Port Theatre expansion. It’s Nanaimo, not Victoria, and we can no longer afford getting culturally mugged.

BOUQUET To the people in the Fairview Drive and Littleford Road area for their support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

BEEF To police for lack of law enforcement on Hammond Bay Road. This road is full of speeders and tailgaters just waiting for accidents to happen.

BOUQUET To the Pantry Restaurant at Port Place shopping centre for your very delicious fish and chips and for the customer service.

BEEF To the company for having a plumber remove a burst hot water tank on a Sunday night then only paying half of the bill.

BOUQUET To Ted Carson Denture Clinic for his nice work. We all wish you and your past fellow workers all the best for your future.

BEEF To the person driving the red right-hand-drive sports car, who washed it on a Sunday morning and woke up the neighbourhood. Learn to shift left-handed so you don’t have to leave it in one gear the length of the road.

BOUQUET To Jody, a very nice, kind, amicable bus driver to all bus passengers.

BEEF To the beefer who was insulted because a man held a door open for her daughter. Kindness should never be criticized. I would never object to a gentleman holding the door open for a lady.

BOUQUET To Cherise for your patience, superb service and information. You were professional, knowledgeable and patient all the way. Amazing assistance in all areas.

BEEF To the beefer about the privileged man who held the door for your handicapped daughter. He was just being civil and polite. I hold doors for people all the time. Most people say ‘thank you.’

BOUQUET To Nick. You are the very best at what you do. Perfect balance of professional service, knowledge and converting information so that this customer understood the process fully.

BEEF To the parent who was deeply offended by the gentleman who held the door open. This man likely from early in life learned that you always hold open a door for anybody regardless of age, gender or need.

BOUQUET To John Jackson. I love you more than you will ever know. I can’t wait to start our life together. You are everything to me. Love Shona (future Mrs. Jackson).

BEEF To the beefer about the male living in a tent with his girlfriend under the bridge. It’s not a lifestyle by choice. Plus, the $375 for rent on income assistance couldn’t even get him an apartment in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To Karen at the Brooks Landing Save-on-Foods for her wonderful service when I was seeking a single, yellow rose. Your special care and attention to my request for yellow tissue and turquoise ribbon was ever so kind.

BEEF To the coach of a Nanaimo girls’ ball team who shows extremely poor sportsmanship and encourages them to verbally abuse opposing team players. You should be ashamed of your conduct.

BOUQUET To my friend Anne, her three beautiful children and her husband who moved to Nanaimo from Ontario. Although we are miles apart, you inspire me to be a better mother and person.

BEEF With the number of earthquakes around the world is it not time the city restricted the size of these huge trees on main roads? B.C. Hydro trims those trees near power lines.

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