Beefs and Bouquets, Sept. 23

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SMOKEY BEEF: Dear neighbours, not only are we in the throes of a horrific pandemic. Throw in huge stifling smokey skies,a dd pot and what do you have? All breathing issues! I go outside and would like to breath some fresh air, but no. Pot haze and foul smelling back yard, that comes into my house. I do not smoke pot. Smoke in your own house, not mine! Go buy a smoke buddy. Livid in Colwood!

BOUQUET: To Rick Stiebel, who unintentionally provided some comic relief smack dab in the middle of a rather serious story on the veterinary industry published in Wednesday’s paper. And I quote … “We are doing our absolute best to keep up, but we’re running on empty. We rarely get to stop and eat or even use the washroom. We often leave at the end of our s**** or long after our shifts were supposed to end in tears …” I laughed so hard my sides ached. One of the best typos I’ve ever read.

BOUQUET: A huge thank you to the person who turned in my wallet to staff at the Thrifty’s Admiral Road location on Sept. 11. I wish I knew who you were to thank you personally for your honesty. Old age can make one forget where they put things at times and you saved me on that day! I hope you get something great in your life as due reward!

BEEF: Don’t blame the employees at the stores where “mandatory” mask wearing is supposed to be in place. I have seen people at Costco refusing the free masks at the door, or worse, throwing the mask in the bottom of the cart or the garbage. I thank and congratulate the staff for trying their best to get people to comply, but they are not police or security. I have said something to anti-maskers on many occasions because as a customer I can. I don’t care what they think. If people “choose” at this stage of the game to put the rest of us at risk of illness or death, they deserve to be called out and shamed for their behaviour. So on behalf of all the wonderful front-line workers who put their own health at risk because of you selfish, ignorant anti-maskers, I say grow up and cover your mouth and nose, or stay away!

BOUQUET: Cheers to Frank and Damon at Quality Foods for facilitating the delivery of fresh wine juice from California at a reasonable price. It’s great to have that kind of value-added service!

BOUQUET: Giant bouquets of gratitude to the staff at WAVES in Langford. The entire staff have been amazing in caring for our dog and have gone above and beyond in supporting our family. After reading the story in the Gazette on the Sept. 16 in regards to suicide rates in the veterinarian industry it gave me a whole new respect for what they do.

BOUQUET: A bouquet to a very helpful gentleman. A couple of days ago I was in the Wishart elementary parking area after picking up my child from school. A helpful gentleman let me know that the tire on my car was low on air. I’m very grateful that he let me know so I could get my tire patched up. Turns out there was a screw in it. If it wasn’t for him, I would probably have ended up with a flat tire at a frustrating time. He saved me from going through the trouble, time and expense of getting towed etc. A huge thank you to you sir!

BEEF: To the couple walking on the Galloping Goose on the weekend of Sept 19 by Willow Wind. I had to stand in the bushes as you gave no room for me to walk by and one had the nerve to say ‘thank you for the space!’ Please be kind and considerate of your fellow walkers/runners. We still have a ways to go before safe distancing is a thing of the past.

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