Beefs and Bouquets for April 28

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BOUQUET: To the woman who rescued my mother and I at Colwood Thrifty’s with our shopping carts on the afternoon of Thursday, April 15, it would have been a disaster! You stepped right in and helped. You were wearing a black shirt with Adidas on it. A huge thank you!

BOUQUET: A bouquet to Wendy Hobbs for advocating for students of SD62, over the many years she has been a trustee. She now calls for more mental health resources from the provincial government, and she could also consider the well-documented role nature plays in our mental health. The beautiful forests where the new schools are located have been obliterated, and that feels soul destroying. Hopefully the district will at least refrain from planting plastic grass and palm trees.

BOUQUET: A huge bouquet to all the drivers that stopped or slowed down and asked if I needed help when my car broke down in Colwood. Especially the two gentlemen who stopped and pushed my car off to the side of the road and my neighbor Brian, who came to pick up me and my dog. There are kind people out there!

BEEF: To gas-powered vehicle owners who park in electric vehicle charging spots. These are not parking spots, but fuelling stations, and you are effectively preventing someone from “filling up.” How would you feel if you pulled up to your local filling station and found every pump blocked while people did their shopping, ate at a restaurant or did their workout? The reason many EV charging stations are close to entrances is because of the logistical issue of power supply, not any privilege afforded EV owners. Additionally, EV owners plan their charging times based on spot availability. If a vehicle is not charging, that spot is indicated as available in the apps. Please be respectful of signage and be aware that taking a “prime” spot has real consequences for those needing access to fuel to get where they need to, loss of time, wasted trips etc.

BOUQUET: Thank you kindly to the gentleman who helped my son carry me out from Lookout Lake with a broken ankle on Good Friday. Sorry I did not get your name which I would appreciate obtaining if you don’t mind contacting the Gazette to leave your contact info. Gravel on the road entrance into the lake is extremely slippery so others entering please take caution while doing so.

BOUQUET: A couple of weeks ago while waiting for my pup’s appointment at Juan de Fuca Veterinary Clinic, I took a nasty fall from an uneven curbing in the parking lot. Upon coming to, I found several of the doctors from the clinic, Dr. Baskerfield taking my pulse, another with an oxygen meter on my finger, others offering help. They had called an ambulance. Such concern is rare and much appreciated. They care not only for man’s best friends, but also for the best friends’ owners. Many thanks.

BEEF: To the gentleman that cut me off on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway by Lowe’s. You were making the left turn and I was going straight through. If we had a T-bone it would not have been pretty. You flipped me off and whaled on the horn when I had the right of way! So take your jacked up black F150 to the beach and chill out for awhile. This road rage was uncalled for and a little scary for me and my passenger.

BOUQUET: A shout out to all the health care workers, paramedics, firefighters, police, RCMP and all essential workers. Times are tough right now, but we support you and all you do.

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