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Modern medicine is advancing so rapidly curing diseases and making strides to find cures for cancer and diabetes.

If you are already an organ donor, you are saving someone’s life. Modern medicine is advancing so rapidly curing diseases and making strides to find cures for cancer and diabetes.  However, there will always be the need for organs for those who need them the most.

Today transplant research and awareness campaigns of the need of organ donors are conducted by B.C. Transplant through the collaboration of health professionals and health authorities throughout the province. In every region, and every age category there are thousands of British Columbians on a waiting list for organ transplants right now.

Kidney transplants are by far the most common transplants in British Columbia. There have been so many advances in this field of medicine since the first transplant operation in B.C. in 1976. However, the results and outcomes remain the same. Someone’s life can be extended for many years.

Most of us have been touched by someone who is in need of a transplant or has been a recipient of an organ donation. A very good friend of mine is currently on a list for a lung transplant. Her story touched me, and I continue to send her my best wishes that she will receive a transplant as soon as possible.

Writing this column I read many incredible stories of transplant recipients of all ages.

Their outlook on life completely changes, and in some cases true lifelong friendships are developed between organ recipients and live-organ donors. And if the donor has already deceased, transplant recipients are given a chance to live.

Please contact my office at 1-866-991-0296 for more information on becoming an organ donor or assistance on filling out donor forms or visit B.C. Transplant website at

Registering as an organ donor is simple and truly a selfless act to help someone live a happy healthy life.

Coralee Oakes is the MLA for Cariboo North and is the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.


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