Ball diamonds

Writer feels local residents should look after baseball and softball diamonds...

I was surprised to see that our local ball diamonds are said to require further support to maintain suitable playing areas.

Sure, I’m old, but in our day we did our own field maintenance, and the same should be done today.

You seem to require some guidance.

Now here’s how it’s done.  Gather the players, coaches and helpers together on the diamond, and ask them how they want it to be.

They’ll tell you!

Now get shovels, hoes, rakes and wheelbarrows. Pull up the weeds, cut off the rest.

Rake it all up, and consign it to a suitable disposal.

When weeds grow, do it again!

What? No money?

Take a collection!

Need a hand? You’ll find it at the end of your arm!

If the ‘GVAC’ has any money, use it to help junior sports teams.  Surely Vernon is made of stronger stuff than this!

Bob Patmore



Vernon Morning Star