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Spice of Life

Avoiding Trump in the pursuit of happiness

Brenda unplugs for the sake of her mental health

It was a casual morning drinking a reheated coffee and listening to music on CBC Radio 2. This day featured Ludwig van Beethoven and Dvorak. The host of the show spoke of happiness. How great composers like the two gentlemen presented music for all manner of human moods etc. I didn’t hear more of the discussion. Things to do. Time to feed the old dog and sit with her while she eats. Of course, I could not help but think about happiness.

I have more happy moments every day. Maybe more than I deserve. For sure, I do not think that happiness is a destination.

Happiness has building blocks for some very good days.

Later that same day as I sat with the cat to watch the news I was aware how some news is like a slap in the face.

My accumulated feeling of well being during the day was erased by the appearance of Donald Trump.

As usual, he was going on and on about the virus and other things that could only involve himself.

I have learned to avoid as much as I can what is said by and about the man. My mental and maybe physical health depends on it.

I know many who think he is a wonderful chap.

I have a goal on this earth to consider my own integrity and not listen to that man’s lies and ignorance. Each to his own I suppose.

Maybe Abe Lincoln would like to add a little something. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Shut off the TV and go back to my music. Then outside to sit in my garden, listen to the loons and wait for friends to come to gather for a coffee and goodies. I can make a pot of coffee, others bring cookies, interesting jams and syrup made from dandelion flowers and rosehip stuff. Homemade bread added a bit of happiness. Can’t ignore the Baily’s to add to coffee.

I feel myself starting to go on and on, but I did decide I have to change some things so I can avoid negative influences.

I will take a few minutes every day to meditate.

Give myself a little inner peace.

For sure, I will avoid the computer, phone etc., for a least one day a week. I don’t need to hook up to some device in the hopes of happiness.

Will it work? Maybe not, but as I get older I will make an effort to see the happiness in the world and in me.

On that note I will walk away from this machine, relax and enjoy the rest of my evening.

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