Austerity awkward

Austerity measures can do the opposite of what you want them to do

Your editorial (The News, May 4) is right on point,  the broad axe cuts announced by the current federal government are simply too deep resulting in reduced spending on consumer goods along with reduced service capability.

And it is also done in a manner that will cause a lot of unnecessary uncertainty in the ranks, and most definitely will delay spending by those still employed.

There may be reasons to reduce staffing levels in some areas but clearly not of this scale and in this manner. It borders on contempt.

Back in the mid 1980s then-premier Bill Bennet tried the same broad axe approach but finally came to his senses when the business community started to complain that the uncertainty had a detrimental effect on business.

There were some justified job losses in the end, but nothing of the scale that was initially announced.

It’s fair to say Bennett had some problems filling his dads shoes and felt the need to make a statement for ideological reasons.

It seems the current government in Ottawa is proving to be driven by ideology as well.

Paul Snickars





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