At least one Canadian itching for federal election

Dear editor,
The Harper regime keeps saying that Canadians don’t want an election.
Well, this Canadian does.

Dear editor,The Harper regime keeps saying that Canadians don’t want an election.Well, this Canadian does. I want the opportunity to vote for an ethical government that respects its citizens.I’d like to help elect a government that doesn’t show contempt for Parliament. A government that isn’t secretive and reckless with democracy, that doesn’t stoop to attacking those who dare disagree with them.I want to vote for a government that doesn’t sweep legitimate concerns under the rug, one that doesn’t silence whistle-blowers. A government in Ottawa that will appoint an effective watchdog instead of a lapdog.I’m looking forward to voting for a government that won’t pander to war profiteers, a government that isn’t set on spending $30 billion for untendered and unneeded stealth jets. A government that’s not beholden to a counter-productive law-and-order ideology, not obsessed with spending billions on new prisons during a time of dropping crime rates.Instead, I want a government committed to building the public infrastructure that’s essential to our communities.It’s time for a government not bent on dismantling long-established rights and privileges, replacing them with libertarian pseudo-freedoms. I want to see a government that recognizes that, in a country that has doubled its GDP in 20 years, the reliance on food banks has also doubled — a national disgrace directly linked to ever-widening income disparity.I want to vote against a government that seems to listen only to its corporate funders, a government that has been busy promoting private advantage to the detriment of the public good.  Canada can do a lot better than what we’ve been getting. A federal election? Bring it on! Tom Pater,Courtenay

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