Astounded by gun regulation

A letter to the editor of the 100 Mile Free Press

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To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

I am completely astounded by your recent enforcement by regulation banning certain classes of firearms.

It is targetted at sportspeople who have a legal and reasonable interest in target and sport shooting, not at the perpetrators of gun crime. It will have no impact on criminal assaults. You have no right to foist this on the legal gun users of this country.

Additionally, your recent announcement was made by regulation and not by an act of Parliament. It was made by the leader of a minority government, not a situation where you can say you have a strong mandate.

It was made under the cover of the COVID-19 situation, where the population is edgy, yet willing to bend their normal actions for the greater good. This is a very Machiavellian action. And, you have not applied this regulation equally to all citizens of this country. Shame on you.

You may have the power to impose this ban on legal gun owners, but you do not have the moral authority or right to do so.

Please reconsider and retract this action, before this style of governing ruins our country.

Tom Nash

Sulphurous Lake

100 Mile House Free Press