Ashton Creek flooding

Resident provides some details about a meeting with elected officials

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some of the comments regarding the Ashton Creek, community meeting July 13 that I organized with the assistance of some of the local residents.

First of all, the meeting was put together by us with an informative and awareness format. Not to be a finger-pointing, or excuse-making situation.

The main point is that the creek needs attention and it needs it now.

We were very lucky this year, even given the above normal snow pack on Hunter’s Range, that the water levels in the creek remained fairly stable.

There is a significant amount of debris, including trees and root clusters, not too far upstream that is just waiting for the right amount of water to carry them to where they can plug the creek or the culvert, and possibly, or more than likely, do a lot of property damage.

A few residents have had issues with the creek taking out property this year, and have had no success working with the Regional District of North Okanagan on an individual basis, so we invited our Area F director, Jackie Pearase, to attend the meeting.

Upon invitation, our MLA, Greg Kyllo, and our MP, Colin Mayes, also attended, and were both quite concerned, and unaware of any of the issues with Ashton Creek.

Mr. Mayes indicated to Ms. Pearase that RDNO is responsible to the residents by taking the first action, conducting a survey on the creek, and then implementing an engineer’s report on the scope of work to be done.

The engineer’s report could be carried out with awareness and possible assistance from the upper levels of government.

Mr. Kyllo said that he “looked forward to meeting with (Ms. Pearase) in the near future” to discuss the progress of RDNO on the preliminary studies, and after that, would talk to Mr. Mayes, to figure out what roles the different levels of government would play in the re-construction of the creek.

Both Mr. Mayes and Mr. Kyllo indicated that the financial burden is definitely not to be placed on RDNO.

All in all, it seemed to be a very productive meeting, and we all anticipate the first action from RDNO.

I thank all who attended the meeting.


Greg Robinson

Ashton Creek

Vernon Morning Star