Arts centre needs a home

Nice to see that in this age of computers and technology, libraries are still important.

Dear Editor:

Finally a new library is in the making.

Nice to see that in this age of computers and technology, libraries are still important.

However, it appears that this new building has put our arts centre and gallery in an appalling situation. This very vibrant part of our community has lost its home — deed done without any communication between the involved parties.

It is all very well to say that these facilities will be relocated in the old library building but this move will be over a year away and this building is included in the land parcel up for sale, making possible relocation an issue once again.

Our arts centre and gallery has a very dedicated and hard working group of people behind it, working to promote the arts and culture of Summerland.

Perhaps we have all forgotten or don’t realize how much this organization gives to our community.

Here is a sampling: Great street banners every year, quality gift shop, children’s programs, Art Walk, gallery shows of competent and gifted artists, winter workshops, venue for Philosophers’ Cafe, space for various art groups to gather and Season’s Sparkles, artist in residence program and the accumulation of a permanent collection which is so important to defining and preserving Summerland’s long and interesting art and cultural heritage.

How can we leave an organization that does so much for us without a suitable and appropriate venue?

As I understand, there are two temporary sites being considered. One is not large enough for all the centre’s activities and too costly to rent for just gallery space and the other has slightly more space but needs money spent to make it workable for all concerned.

It is clear that the municipal council and the community of Summerland needs to address this problem immediately and find a solution.

Once the temporary problem has been solved, our arts centre and all that it entails needs to have a permanent home, not one that can be sold out from underneath them.

Perhaps the council has such a plan in place and is not making the arts centre or the community aware of it.

This letter is not intended to lessen the enthusiasm for our new library but rather to raise concern for the ensuing issues that the arts centre now faces.

Please show your support for the arts centre and gallery by making council aware of your concern.

Maryan Dennison



Summerland Review