Art gallery exhibit should be permanent

"Let’s put the ‘salmon’ back in Salmon Arm." Says Carol Craig

As many of  our residents are aware of and have enjoyed, “Peak Year” is currently the exhibit on display at the SAGA Public Art Gallery. It is an exciting and intense tribute to the 2010 extraordinary sockeye salmon run which occurred one year ago.

Ten of our outstanding local artists were so moved by this phenomenon that they came together to participate through the various media of their art to share how this wonderment moved them.

I was particularly struck by the large exhibit contributed by Lisa Figueroa. It is an absolute eye-catcher both in texture and beautiful colours, dramatically portraying the life cycle and strength of the magnificent fish from which our city takes its name.

It is my opinion along with many others, that this exhibit would be an ideal candidate to be on permanent display in our city hall foyer for all to enjoy in the years to come. Once the “Peak Year” exhibition returns from being on tour, I believe the city should approach Ms. Figueroa to explore how this could be made possible.

Supporting our talented, local artists while securing artwork of this calibre for our city would definitely be a win-win situation.

Let’s put the ‘salmon’ back in Salmon Arm.

Carol Craig


Salmon Arm Observer