Arbutus Ridge dock should not have been built

The truth is that this location is not suitable for that type of installation.

Arbutus Ridge dock should not have been built

Arbutus Ridge dock should not have been built

Your recent article titled “Storm damage forces closure of new dock at Arbutus Ridge” is very misleading. On Feb. 18 the wind was blowing from the north east and was a moderate breeze, the kind of wind people like for sailing. The dock was moving violently and was recorded on a video. It was dangerous and was enough to cause the resulting damage. You referred to the damage as cosmetic, but we have yet to make a complete inspection.

The truth is that this location is not suitable for that type of installation. In 2007 a group of residents explored the possibility of a year round dock in that location, paid ourselves for an engineering study by a very reputable company, and were advised against building a year round marina in that location. We abandoned the idea.

In 2013 with a new group of residents in Arbutus Ridge, the idea was floated again, and residents were persuaded to go ahead with the existing project. We have now seen the results. In fact it is the second incident of its kind in just a few months. The first was on Nov. 10, 2017 while the dock was still under construction. Recorded wind speeds were similar on both occasions.

I could fill this newspaper with all the advice and pleas to council not to go ahead, but to do an updated version of what we already had, a large platform protected with a breakwater of propane tanks that was well proven in that location.

There were serious questions which were ignored about how the engineers were selected. Those opposing the project were ridiculed, defamed, and threatened by those promoting the new year round design. Council was advised, with the help of a detailed legal opinion from a well known and respected lawyer specialising in the Strata Property Act, that the project needed a 75 per cent majority to go ahead. They refused even to discuss it. They went ahead anyway with a vote of 58 per cent in favour.

The marina is a monument to the joys of strata living, and will stand until the first real storm from the north east when it will likely be destroyed. We can only hope that in the meantime no accidents occur when the dock is jumping around in a moderate breeze from the north easterly sector, or from similar waves generated by passing marine traffic.

Bill Talford

Arbutus Ridge

Cowichan Valley Citizen