Appreciation for Telkwa candidate’s clarity on objectives

Former Telkwa mayor Darcy Repen endorses candidate Dave Livesey

Dear Editor,

It’s a refreshing change to see three worthy candidates vying for the single vacant council seat in Telkwa!

The Interior News coverage of the candidates’ stances on pressing Telkwa issues has been very helpful, and I have based my own choice on that coverage. Thank you.

I do not know any of the candidates personally (although I’ve had positive interactions with Mr. Livesey and Mr. Jacobsen in the past) and have no ‘horse in the race.’

My choice is exclusively based on what the candidates have stated to be their priorities.

I do not share the same perspective on Telkwa’s current situation as Mr. Kraft. I don’t see streetlights, weed control or additional work on our playing fields as key issues. His focus on a recycling depot (the RDBN is on it) and on the Village making land available for development (we don’t have any) seems misplaced.

Mr. Jacobsen brings council experience to the table, and he has an awareness of what council can and can’t do.

Personally, I like to see candidates with specific platforms or sets of objectives, and Mr. Jacobsen stated in his pitch that he does not have them.

I also read in his comments that he’s hesitant to focus on business attraction and housing development, pending more sewer and water work. I believe this could result in a missed opportunity. We’re ready for the next step now!

I appreciate Mr. Livesey’s clarity on his objectives. I align closely with his view on housing development and economic diversification.

From his comments, he shows an excellent understanding of where Telkwa currently sits, and where the future opportunities lie.

I also support his initiative in getting the ball rolling now, rather than continuing to wait. We’ll never fully catch up on infrastructure, but by seeking to attract development we can likely build our fiscal resources.

I’ll be casting my vote for Mr. Livesey, but wish all candidates the best of luck!

Darcy Repen


Smithers Interior News