Another perspective

Resident says food production is reliant on the oil industry

Brian Gilowski’s letter is likely to get replies giving several views, and I will also add one. I do agree with him. We do need the oil and, unfortunately, will for the foreseeable future. Two things we can not argue is that we have several billion souls on this planet, and if we are concerned with their survival, they will need copious quantities of food to survive.

One of the main ways that we are able to produce this quantity of food is by mechanized farming. Guess what people? Tractors use diesel fuel in fair quantities. Historical studies have been done along the Nile River in Egypt. Mechanization is now producing something like eight times the food that the best of manual methods were able to do.

So, before we even start worrying about what we drive and how much we drive, we should think about other things that we need before we go anywhere, like our food and clothing. They require oil to produce too.

Cam Clayton



Vernon Morning Star