Anderson subdivision dogs at large

To the editor:

There is a dog in my sister-in-law’s neighbourhood that jumps her fence to play with her dog.

Yes, she has her property totally fenced and gated to keep her dog (and mine when they visit) from wandering around the neighbourhood and being a nuisance.

In no way has she encouraged this pooch to keep on visiting and has even rebuilt part of her fence to keep him out. He is an adorable dog, looks very well fed and healthy, but his owner obviously doesn’t care enough about him to make sure he stays in his own yard.

He has now attacked and injured a purebred breeding dog, which very well could have been someone’s child.

The SPCA was called, the RCMP was called, the Cariboo Regional District was called, and nobody could offer any assistance or advice. There are no dogs-at-large laws for this area.

And unfortunately, even if there were, I’m sure there would be negligent pet owners who don’t keep their dogs confined to their own property.


Either accept the responsibility that comes with being a pet owner, or give the dog to someone who will actually care for it.



D. Land


100 Mile House




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