An entire generation dismissed

Resident takes issue with a recent letter about the new federal government

I want to congratulate M. Strangward on their very funny letter to the editor. I still am not sure if it was intended as a parody or genuine, but I think it is a perfect template for all future letters to the editor as it is full of baseless blame, name-calling, a lack of facts, and no solution. In other words, it has all the components to my favourite kind of letter to the editor.

M. Strangward managed to dismiss nearly seven million Canadians as “uninformed and disengaged” for voting for what he called “a privileged, immature drama teacher.” As a privileged, immature drama teacher, I can acknowledge name calling but I have to ask, “what was your motivation?”

M. Strangward also dismissed the Liberal Party’s stance as “pervasive rhetoric that is divorced from reality” while ignoring the fact that you could say that about any political party. In fact, if M. Strangward really wanted to know why people would rather have a privileged, immature drama teacher over the kind-hearted, panda-cuddling, former prime minister (my apologies to kind-hearted panda cuddlers), they only need to read their own letter, and know that many people felt that exact same way about the former government. I mean exact.

M. Strangward also manages to blame the media because, you know, there is always a media conspiracy. That Richard Rolke, I never did trust him.

The letter then rejects an entire generation, I assume “kids these day,” as “casualties of a me-centred education” which does not foster “true maturity or build strong moral character.” As you can tell by this letter, maturity isn’t my strong suit, yet complaining about the younger generation’s lack of maturity while resorting to name calling, and dismissive generalizations is not mature and, I would argue, morally shaky.

Finally, the letter concludes with a “hell in a handbasket” dismissal of how horrible the world is today forgetting, oh, I don’t know, the entire history of the world which is filled with horrible acts and behaviours. OK, it used to be great for privileged white men, and it still is, but now it is better for so many more people that may not have had the good fortune to be accidentally born into this world of privilege.

If the letter was a parody, then it was brilliant. If it wasn’t a parody, it was still great. I think all future writers to the editor should use the letter and just adjust the first paragraph to complain about whatever they want; perhaps the mayor, buskers, or people who eat cheese in public.

I realize the world is complicated, that there are intelligent, caring people on all sides of every argument, and there are facts to consider, but that is no fun. It’s best to just vent some spleen. Keep up the good work.

G. Newman


Vernon Morning Star

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