All that’s needed in Albion flats is shopping

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Editor, The News:

Re: A moment to reconsider the Albion flats (Letters, Feb. 25).

We are newer to the Albion flats area and love it. The only downside is shopping.

When we first moved into the area, we heard everyone talking about the shopping centre coming to the flats and I thought that would be perfect. Instead, I find myself traveling to Mission or Langley for shopping because the people can not make up their minds on what they want or commit to some much-needed shopping growth.

I keep hearing this talk of trying to keep it to small little niche boutiques. That’s a bad idea.

For the average working person, like myself and most other people I have met in the area, we work all day and by the time we come home, all these small little niche shops are all closed.

I end up in Mission or Langley or Coquitlam in the evening to entertain myself  with shopping.

I have tried some shopping on the weekends, which is mostly saved for kids sports and visiting  with friends. But some small stores are now closed on Sundays.

And I can’t always find what I want in smaller stores, so I still end up going and getting what I really want from  bigger retail outlet elsewhere with better pricing.

Again, like most people, I like to save money any where I can.

The mall developer has shown it can make the flats work and preserve most of the fish habitat. I think it will look beautiful.

It would also be convenient for my 18-year-old son, to find a job where he could work part-time in the evenings and even walk to work.

The wages would be comparable to these small niche stores.

The smaller stores are not even able to offer anything close to the training programs the bigger ones can.

C. Whittingham

Maple Ridge


Editor, The News:

Re: Could this just be beginning? (Letters, Feb. 23).

I’ve spent the last two years asking folks where they spend their hard earned dollars and what Maple Ridge needs to do to attract their business.  The fact is that Maple Ridge is growing with many new young families and their consumer spending habits are different than past generations.

Change is inevitable. Instead of being threatened by it,  let us embrace this as a opportunity to provide shopping and business opportunities and jobs for Maple Ridge’s growing population.

As more young families purchase homes and raise their kids here, they are going to demand modern shopping. They are going to demand local jobs. And they will not listen to the some old ‘song and dance’ from ‘baby boomers’ who want to remain stuck in the seventies.

Grover Telford

Maple Ridge

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