‘Aggressive’ not right word to describe Ed

After meeting and talking with Kevin Steele and his dog, letter writer believes dog is not aggressive.

Editor: I am sorry to be writing again about Kevin Steele.

On Thursday at 6:30 p.m., we met Kevin and Ed at Douglas Park. It is true Ed does not meet the requirements of a service dog, but he is a companion to Kevin. Who is to say it is not needed?

This dog is laid back and not aggressive (“Disabled man’s dog aggressive and often runs loose,” The Times, June 13.)

That could change, if another dog meets him, as that is what animals do.

Anyone should look him and Ed up, as they are always uptown. Then they can decide if he is aggressive or not, and let The Times know if that is true or false.

He had Ed on a leash, but when you are in a wheelchair, and with one leg, it makes it difficult to manouver and keep the dog safe.

To use the word “aggressive” in Ed’s case is not the true facts.


Tom Tonks Sr.,

Langley City

Langley Times