Actions can do more to harm than help the homeless

Advocates peddle the lie that it is possible to safely consume an intoxicant like heroin outside of a hospital

Being homeless is a serious problem for those who are homeless. The question is how charitable people can help them.

Some need government to get out of their way, so employers and landlords can give them a chance to prove themselves without fear of being stuck with a bad person, so they can move without being forced to change documents before the common 90-day probation period is satisfied, and people can build more housing.

Some need pointers to sources of information, others need education in factors for life, some need education to increase work skills. Perhaps some need language education – for example, a charity in the Cowichan Valley helps illiterate people learn. Many need rational counselling to get over addictions, beyond the training in thinking and values to correct the bad ideas that lead to addiction. Even nicotine is a problem – chain-smokers burn about $500 per month that could pay for safe accommodation.

But hiring more Saanich staff has high risk of only being useful to pay activists who advocate initiation of force and peddle the lie that it is possible to safely consume an intoxicant like heroin outside of a hospital, while not helping people reform their life to be self-sufficient. Some of the people promoted by politicians and the GTCA Drama Club advocate such anti-life ideas.

If members of community associations really cared about homeless they would stop wasting energy on the fool’s game of messing with what now is nature by trying to eradicate some of the ‘invasive’ species, and instead actually help homeless people, including by pointing NIMBYs and CAVEs to the immorality of trying to control others property at no cost to themselves, thus raising housing prices.

PS: Even a painkiller like morphine comes in variants of very different strength, requiring much caution in administering. Are ‘safe’ injection sites going to provide intoxicants that have been through a quality manufacturing process and labelled accurately?

NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard, which of course means nowhere as NIMBYs are everywhere. (Note their desire to control the GVHS’ Townley Lodge property.)

CAVE = Citizens Against Virtually Everything, often environmental activists who’d probably object to bear caves and beaver lodges if they didn’t consider those creatures more important than humans, who they consider to be parasites.

Keith Sketchley





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