Accountability needed in council candidates

Dear editor,

Now that the facts about our Valley's water use have been exposed, we know our consumption is below the provincial average.

Dear editor,

Now that the true facts concerning our Valley’s water use have finally been exposed, we now know that our consumption rates are well below the provincial average.

It will be interesting to see how the public’s newfound knowledge will affect their opinion at the polls.

During Comox Mayor Ives’ tenure as chair of the regional district, we were told that we used more than twice as much water as the national average.

He and his supporters, including Coun. Patti Fletcher (who also sat on the RD water committee), advocated that we spend upwards of $30 million on water meters for the Valley residents.

When the City of Courtenay opted not to adopt their costly plan, Mayor Ives then concentrated on the Town of Comox. He and Couns. Fletcher and Russ Arnott proposed a $10-million water meter program. They started by approving $1.15 million to install meters.

Presumably they will be looking to complete their multi-million dollar program if they are successfully re-elected to Comox council.

It will be interesting to see what the residents of Comox decide on the 19th. I know that I will be voting for candidates that show accountability when it comes to spending my tax dollars!

Shanna Ball,


Comox Valley Record

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