A way to thank moms

Recently, my sister got married.

I remember her walking down the aisle amongst all the people looking at her in awe. As she took each step, her smile became bigger and wider.

The reason: She was staring straight into her soon-to-be husband’s eyes.

As she stared at him, I couldn’t help but glace over at my parents.

They both were glowing with pride and excitement – my mother in particular.

People have always told my sister that she looks just like our mother – and it’s true – she has her eyes, her sense of humour and her passion to help those in need.

Moms-to-be always wonder: Will my child be healthy? Will they have my smile? Will they be successful?

This year, I started working at World Vision and have really been amazed by how similar the concerns of mothers everywhere are. While mothers in Africa also worry about these things, they worry about something that many mothers here do not, like passing on HIV to their child.

This year for Mother’s Day, I decided to honour my mom by giving her a gift from the World Vision Gift Catalogue.

I want her to know that her gift will help one mother in Africa gain access to medical treatment and counselling which will help prevent the transmission of HIV to her son or daughter.

I know it will be a gift she will be proud to receive, especially since she passed on her desire to help change the world for the better to me.

I can’t think of a better way to thank my mom for the values she gave me.

I want others to think about purchasing an alternative gift like this for their mother this Mother’s Day (May 8) and show her that they’ve learned to care from her.

Thank you Maryann Pereira and Happy Mother’s Day.

Alicia Pereira

Surrey Now Leader