A rocky ransom

Don't be taking your neighbour's rocks without permission

When my husband and I moved to Qualicum Beach a year ago, we never could have imagined what just occurred in our quiet, conservative town.

This may sound bizarre, but someone recently held our rocks for ransom. The ransom was a parking spot on the boulevard in front of our house.  There was no polite knock on the door asking if it was OK to park a car there permanently; I believe that is considered Qualicum Beach etiquette.

Anyway, back to the rocks for ransom.  A row of large rocks on top of small rocks were installed by our builder to landscape the boulevard.

One evening, it is alleged the person took the rocks (we still can’t figure out how he/she lifted the heavy boulders) and allegedly put them in his/her garage.  The rocks were then out of the way so that she could use the boulevard as a parking lot.

After a consultation with the public works department, we were given permission to put a couple of large flower pots on the boulevard — they love it when Qualicum town folk keep the boulevards maintained.

Parking problem solved.

However, what about the rocks?  To the rock’s rescue came our local RCMP — efficient, reliable and compassionate.

The rocks are yet to be released, but apparently will be returned soon.

The lesson is obvious. Always ask before you park and never lift a person’s rocks.

Susan Whitney

Qualicum Beach




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