A response

Letter writer responds to criticism on global warming stance.

I was away when Howard Brown’s response to my letter was published and I missed it.

His letter requires a response and was typical of the GW alarmists.

They usually take cheap shots at people who have opinions opposed to theirs. Support for the oil and gas industry is usually blamed. They never deal with the stated facts especially those that they can’t refute.

My reference to the flat earth theory held so long ago was valid.  I made the mistake of tying it to Christopher Columbus, giving him his cheap shot opportunity.

The point, that should have been painfully obvious, was that at one time 97 per cent or so of the people held the flat earth theory to be valid until somebody proved it wrong thus proving majority opinion is not necessarily accurate.

Brown thinks that even though we may be in a natural warming cycle that we should expend billions and billions of taxpayers’ dollars trying impotently to stop further warming.

He doesn’t seem to understand that Canada’s contribution to CO2 releases are 1.8 per cent of the world’s and any effort we make would be insignificant and an enormous waste of money.

Bob Reid, Vernon


Vernon Morning Star