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Spice of Life

A little weight training to keep up arm strength

Brenda attempts to combat "kimono arms" by staying active

We all know older folks who are in tip-top shape.

They walk sprightly along our streets with a dog or alone. Fine for some I say.

I do walk the road and trails but at a slow speed with a dog in the same space.

I started thinking about all this when a friend told me he rides his bike and hikes the hills but he doesn’t have much muscle mass.

I now have a pair of kimono arms that flop about with any action. I thought it matched up nicely with the double chin.

I gather from TV ads that there is some cream that will make the chin issue go away.

Probably won’t work on the arms.

What I do know will work for flabby arms etc is a bit of weight training.

No, getting out of the chair does not count.

We have to be able to get out of our chair and off the toilet.

Weak knees, bad back, sore arms might make mobility a bit of an issue as we age.

I have tried to help myself by using five-pound free weight.

I have the weights by my bed so when I sit there I can do a little to help my arms get stronger.

I do the simple bits by just going this way and then that way.

I lift the weight above my head and repeat.

I also have a couple of stretch bands that might do some good as well.

I looked up a few exercises for seniors who are not mobile too much. One interesting exercise was to use a cane while sitting in your chair. Hold both ends and stretch your muscles. Some sites told us to get on the floor and do things I have not done in a long time.

Once I am on the floor, there I would stay.

I look a little like a beached whale.

I cancelled that idea and will continue with the weights.

I am a big person and as I age I can see situations that would maybe require me to get myself up and at it.

I will keep raking and bringing in an armload of wood but I will also help myself with my weights.

Give it a try.

What do you have to lose?

Be well, be safe and strong.

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