60 in 60 blog, Week 18

Back on track

The following is our latest blog entry to our 60 in 60 challenge. For those of you who missed our October column (see bit.ly/1LqaMVq) Erica and I have embarked on a journey to lose 60 pounds (combined) in 60 weeks (combined). We have weekly online updates and monthly submissions into the Record newspaper. It’s been 18 weeks since we started.

Terry: Another week, another three pounds!Erica: We are officially into the last 20 pounds of the challenge now. A bit of a blip last week, but a nice recovery this week.Terry: Funny how things work. I don’t feel like I exercised as much this week as last week and yet I had a very successful weigh-in.Erica: Maybe the variety of things you did was the key this week. You skied, you swam, you used an elliptical, and you got back to running.T: That could have something to do with it. Just working different parts of my body. It was nice to get back to running after almost 3 full weeks without running because of some joint problems. But wow, does my body ever forget quickly.E: I noticed the same when I returned to the gym last week, from being sick and then having visitors. It was hard to get back into it. Seems like our potato picture has struck a chord with a few people. T: Yes I’ve had a lot of comments about it, and you were saying that it actually inspired one of your clients. E: yes. They told me that now they also want to lose a 10-pound bag of potatoes.T: So what are they doing?E: Something I would never do.T: Skydive? Bungee jump? Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches?E: None of the above, silly. They are running up and down the Goose Spit stairs. Much to my surprise, that is quite a popular exercise. I see people doing that when I am WALKING on the beach with the dogs. T: Different strokes for different folks.E: Indeed.T: I have to confess that while I feel as young as I have in many years, apparently I don’t look that young anymore.E: What do you mean? You look as youthful as ever to me.T: Apparently not so, to the cashier at our local drugstore. I was offered a senior’s discount on Thursday.E: Did you take it?T: Of course I took it. It was 15 per cent. Dad would have been proud.E: I have never been offered that… and I qualify. Just saying.T: Your time will come.E: And our time is done … For this week. T&E: Keep up the good work Comox Valley. And let us know how many bags of potatoes you have shed. You may get a mention in an upcoming blog. Email us at farrell60in60@gmail.com

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