208 Street needs widening

Mayor Jack Froese has a good idea in regards to widening the 208 Street corridor.

Editor: I have been waiting for action in regards to a statement made by Mayor Jack Froese. This was concerning the widening of the 208 Street connector, with Froese suggesting it could be paid for by the Township.

At the time, I thought this was a great idea and showed real character on his behalf.

This initiative would ease the everyday stress of the commuters and residents along this vital corridor. This is similar to the great foresight shown by a previous administration in the construction of the 208 Street overpass.

I have not changed my opinion in the intervening months. Having the Township head up the project would definitely speed up the process — instead of waiting for five to seven years, its benefits could be realized in two.

Even if this idea is rejected by the relevant department, I wish to thank the mayor of the Township of Langley for at least trying to put all the residents of the municipality first.

Bruce Jones,


Langley Times