Yvonne Gail Messner

October 28, 1956 – March 18, 2020
Well, I have dragged my heels, procrastinated, and stretched time as far as I can. But it has come to the point of saying goodbye. As much as I am saddened to be writing my farewell, I also must give thanks for all the blessings I received during my lifetime. I was born to Phyllis and Stan Gibb, a true Columbia Valley ranching couple, who believed family was to be treasured. Brother Jim (1946) and sister Sharon (1947) joined Mom and Dad first. I came along to join them in 1956 (late as usual). All three of us siblings enjoyed a childhood of unconditional love and support, punctuated with the occasional, much needed, kick in the butt for motivation. Sharon met her soulmate Lesli, Jim found his soulmate Margie and I found my soulmate Gary in 1980. We started our journey and have spent the last forty years filling our life with joy, sorrow, happiness, grief, ugliness and beauty. A good life we had, at least in my eyes because we did it together. We were blessed with two children, Amy and Paul, who have grown into responsible, compassionate and capable adults who in turn found their soulmates to give their unconditional love and support to. The four grandchildren, Madisen, Major, Oliver and Juliet are every Grandma’s dream come true. I definitely was given a family I was proud to be a part of. To the people who entered my life and actually stayed around, your friendship gave me a sense of belonging that I never felt before. That was a gift beyond measuring. I do not know how to thank you for enriching my life and giving it meaning. You are all amazing. Paddy, you know what you meant to me. We were supposed to retire together. I have requested cremation with no service to follow. I was thinking that a more fitting tribute would be to finish that damn brick wall!!!
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