Bryn Nelson and Lyman Floyd during one of their volunteer shovelling days. (Submitted/Lakes District News)

Young boys volunteering time for community service

The two are on their Church's two-year mission

  • Nov. 11, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Two young boys, new to Burns Lake, are offering to shovel, chop wood, stack wood and do any other work you would think of, for free.

When Lyman Floyd posted on a local Buy Sell Facebook Group about the free service that the two boys were offering, they had several people message them about how much the community appreciated this gesture and how generous their offer was.

Floyd’s post said, “Too tired? Too busy? Too cold? That doesn’t matter to us! With winter coming in we know it might be tough for some people to shovel snow or stack some wood, if you need help with that, or anything else to get ready for winter, please message me or Bryn Nelson! We’d love to help you or anyone that you know who would need some service! This is all volunteer work we are just happy to help around the community!”

When asked about their volunteer work, Lyman Floyd and Bryn Nelson, who currently live just west of the village, told Lakes District News that they were doing this as a mission for their church.

“We are volunteers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We both just graduated high school back in 2019 and we come up with the money ourselves to serve on a two-year mission. We don’t get paid, we do it out of our own free will. College, studies, scholarship, all those things are on hold for two years,” said Nelson who came down to Burns Lake and originally hails from Southern Alberta.

Floyd however, is not just new to Burns Lake, but also to Canada and came from Washington, USA.

“We serve for two years and we get moved around a bit but we have been in Burns Lake for about two months now,” he said adding that before coming to Burns Lake, he was in Vanderhoof.

Nelson, who started his service back in September last year, was supposed to be out of the country for his assignment.

“I was originally supposed to spend my two years in Kenya. I went to Kenya for five months but then when Covid hit, I got sent home but then I was reassigned to this mission,” he said.

Covid has made difficult for the two.

” It’s been a little difficult and we’ve had to change the way we do things. We were the guys you would have seen knocking doors but with Covid, the church doesn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable so we stick to doing service and continue to help people around the community,” said Nelson.

The two also are encouraging people to reach out to them either through Facebook or on 250-609-1894, if they need help with anything.

“We just like to help people around whether it be shovelling snow or fixing a fence or chopping, stacking wood. We don’t want anything in return,” he said.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist

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